November Monthly Deals Roundup - Retail

Published: December 2012

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Report description

Product Synopsis
The report provides a review of M&As, capital-raising, partnering deals, and agreements entered into by retail companies during November 2012.

Introduction and Landscape
Why was the report written?
Using this report, dealmakers will effectively gain an insight into deal activity during the month. Additionally, the report provides an overview of all the partnering, alliances, and M&A deals announced worldwide.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
The Monthly Report provides the reader with the top-line data necessary to quickly keep abreast of deal activity in the retail market on a monthly basis.

Key Features and Benefits
The report provides detailed analysis on the mergers and acquisitions (M&As) activity in the retail industry in November 2012 compared to October 2012, and the trailing twelve month (TTM) average. This provides an insight into the inorganic growth strategies of companies in the industry and competitor tracking.

The report provides detailed analysis of private equity and venture capital activity in the retail industry in November 2012 compared to October 2012, and the TTM average. This provides an insight into investment activity in the industry by financial investors.

The report provides detailed analysis of capital raising activity, including equity and debt offerings, in the retail industry in November 2012 compared to October 2012, and the TTM average. This provides an insight into the capital raising activity of companies in the industry, including the fund raising trend from both equity and debt capital markets.

The report provides detailed analysis on strategic partnerships in the retail industry in November 2012 compared to October 2012, and the TTM average.

Key Market Issues
On November 30th 2012, Metro revealed that it has agreed to sell its Real chain in Poland, Romania, Russia and Ukraine to France's Groupe Auchan (Auchan) for EUR1.1billion. This acquisition is expected to double Auchan’s stores in the region thus balancing its presence in Central and Eastern Europe which is one of the three priority development zones, alongside Western Europe and Asia.

In a deal uniting two of Canada’s largest retailers of furniture and appliances, Leon’s Furniture Ltd has agreed to acquire The Brick Warehouse LP for a total consideration of approximately US$700 million. Terming this as the most ambitious acquisition in the history of the company, Leon’s president and chief executive officer Terry Leon indicated that this deal is aimed at successfully competing with the numerous American corporations that made inroads into Canada through acquisitions.

In November debt offering activity increased significantly recording a total of US$10,922.1 million, which included four deals with a deal value equal to or more than US$1,000.0 million. The largest debt offering recorded during the month was the US$3,500.0 million offering of senior unsecured notes by Costco Wholesale Corporation, a retailer and operator of chain of membership warehouses based in the US.

Table of contents

1.1-What is this Report About?
1.3-Summary Methodology
2.1-Leon’s Furniture to Acquire The Brick for US$700 Million
2.2-German Metro Sells EUR1.1 Billion Hypermarket Portfolio to Auchan
3-Deal Analysis
3.1-By Deal Type
3.2-By Channel
3.3-By Region
3.4-Deals in Active Markets
3.5-Deal Size Analysis
3.6-Deal Rationale Analysis
3.7-Main Deals

List of Tables
Table 1: Active Regions, November 2012
Table 2: Deal Size Analysis, November 2012
Table 3: Main Deals, November 2012
Table 4: Main PE/VC Deals, November 2012
Table 5: Main Capital-Raising Deals, November 2012
Table 6: Main Cross-Border M&A Deals, November 2012
Table 7: Main Deals in Emerging Markets, November 2012
Table 8: Main Rumor Deals, November 2012

List of Figures
Figure 1: Deal Volume by Deal type, November 2012
Figure 2: Deal Value by Deal type (US$ Million), November 2012
Figure 3: Deal Volume by Channel, November 2012
Figure 4: Deal Value by Channel (US$ Million), November 2012
Figure 5: Deal Volume by Region, November 2012
Figure 6: Deal Value by Region (US$ Million), November 2012
Figure 7: Analysis of Deals by Deal Rationale (%), November 2012

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