Management briefing - Preview of the year

Published: February 2014


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Report description

With the New Year upon us, we invite Euromonitor to cast its eye over what 2014 has in store for the global drinks industry.

In the first part of this month's management briefing, the global market research and analysis provider looks at the bottled water category.

Part II looks at developments in soft drinks. Jeremy Cunnington and Spiros Malandrakis then look at the spirits category in part III.

Finally, Euromonitor turns its attention to the wine category in the concluding chapter of this management briefing.

Table of contents

Preview of the Year 2014 - Part I: Bottled Water
The branding challenge of Europe and North America

Preview of the Year 2014 - Part II: Soft Drinks
"What you drink is who you are"
Emerging market consumers demand local innovations
What can this do for me?
Beyond sweet
No rest for the weary

Preview of the Year 2014 - Part III: Spirits
Tequila/mescal: Entering the dragon
Vodka: A flavour of saturation
Liqueurs: Going where no spirit has gone before
Cognac: The urgency of diversification
Rum: Dark spice
Gin: From lane to palace
Other spirits: Niche appeal
The corporate outlook: Beam acquisition to dominate headlines
What now for Whyte & Mackay?
Big players may make small additions

Preview of the Year 2014 - Part IV: Wine
There will be no wine shortages
Mind the generational gap
Healthier, better, less
Glimpses of the future
Organic Growth Still the Way Forward for Global Wine

Price: $ 300.00