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Global market review of malt whisky – forecasts to 2018
Latest edition

The global market for single malt Scotch hit a new high – selling some 7.8m cases (domestic and travel retail combined). This latest report from just-drinks/IWSR provides a complete market analysis ... | more...

April 2014

$ 1590.00

Global market review of non-Scotch whiskies – forecasts to 2018
Latest edition

Non-Scotch whiskies in aggregate represent an enormous and growing category, with Irish whiskey in particular showing real momentum. With over 100 data tables and unique insight, this new joint IWSR/j... | more...

March 2014

$ 1790.00

Global market review of vodka – forecasts to 2018

Some interesting developments have been occuring within the Vodka category since the publication of our previous global market review of the category.... | more...

September 2013

$ 1790.00

Global ready-to-drink (RTD) and ready-to-serve (RTS) market review

Over the last 10 years RTD's as a category may not have grown at anywhere near the level it did between 1998 and 2003 but it has, nevertheless enjoyed steady global growth. This reality flies in the f... | more...

August 2013

$ 1790.00

Global market review of rum – forecasts to 2017

For a category that sells around 146.4m cases annually, it may seem unusual to characterise Rum as a relatively unexploited opportunity. Indeed it is already a diverse and eclectic category with a wid... | more...

May 2013

$ 1790.00

Global market review of the travel retail drinks sector

Changing demographics, growing economies, increased disposable income and the rise in international and business travel have all contributed to the burgeoning travel retail sector.... | more...

April 2013

$ 1790.00

The world’s top-performing spirits brands

This is the second edition of our popular ranking of the world's leading spirits brands.... | more...

October 2012

$ 1190.00

Global market review of sparkling wine – forecasts to 2016

One of the less heralded developments within the global wine and spirits industry has been the performance of the non-Champagne sparkling wine. Between 2002 and 2012, the category added some 42.5m nin... | more...

August 2012

$ 1590.00

Global market review of cachaça – forecasts to 2016

Cachaça is the ninth-largest global spirits category at 82.67m nine-litre cases, deriving the vast majority of this volume from the domestic market, selling some 81.8m cases in Brazil in 2011. It has ... | more...

July 2012

$ 1590.00

Global market review of Tequila – forecasts to 2016

Beginning with an Executive Summary, the report scopes out the challenges ahead, how higher qualities might gain, retail value, premiumisation potential, expanding Tequila's horizon, Tequila's versati... | more...

April 2012

$ 1790.00