Global Trends in Alcoholic Drinks 2013

Published: January 2013

Publisher: Wine Intelligence

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Report description

New trends, old instincts and the impacts on alcoholic drinks

Consumers across the world are behaving in new ways. Yet the drivers of these trends are not new at all. In fact, many are based on ancient instincts that either still influence us, or are reasserting themselves anew as communications technology allows us to rediscover forgotten tribal patterns.

Intellima (the insights and strategy practice) and Wine Intelligence (the wine specialist consultancy) have identified nine key global cultural trends that will shape the future of the global marketplace for alcoholic beverages. This report examines and presents each trend and is rich with examples from outside of the drinks category.

Many of the trends identified are closely related, if not interlinked. Others may have aspects that are fleeting, or be a consequence of today's technology which may disappear in due course. Many will be familiar, as much of what's powering these trends goes back in time.

Through the use of cross category examples, we demonstrate how drinks companies are building on these trends to enable all businesses to capitalise on consumer culture, delivering brand revenue and profit growth.

Table of contents

How we collected the information: Insights were collected via:

  • Interviews with consumers in the UK, USA, Australia and China conducted from April 2012 to January 2013
  • Online surveys conducted via Vinitrac© Australia, Oct 2012; n=663
  • Secondary research building on both Intellima and Wine Intelligence industry insight

Price: $ 1700.00

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