Global Scotch whisky insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends research

Global Scotch whisky insights - market forecasts, product innovation and consumer trends research

Published: October 2014
Publisher: just-drinks / IWSR Insights
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Pages: 156
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Emerging markets will be key to Scotch whisky growth

This report provides the latest-available data confirming that global Scotch whisky sales slipped backwards in 2013 by 0.8%; an alarming trend that may be accelerating. A sea of troubles seems suddenly to have appeared, but the industry appears to remain determinedly upbeat, Diageo’s head of whisky outreach, in this report, summarised the views of many:

“If you deal across a number of emerging markets..., you are always going to find that some markets are slowing down and some markets are speeding up in the short term. All the numbers we have, suggest that there is going to be an almost inexorable growth with middle-class consumers over the next ten years.”

Looking ahead, the outlook - and the strategy - is a familiar one, with Scotch whisky producers eyeing fast-growing emerging markets to compensate for declines in mature markets, notably those in Europe.

Notwithstanding a recent slowing of growth rates in key emerging markets, such as Russia, India and Brazil, this report suggests the basic strategy is sound. "Emerging economies will continue to hold the key to Scotch whisky growth in the next few years, with markets including Russia, India and Brazil likely to post the most significant gains," the report states.

Read some key findings from the report in this article. Plus you can read an interesting comment piece on the category here.

What's inside this market research report:

This all-new report aims to deliver the most vital Scotch whisky (as opposed to other-world whiskey) category data, insights, forecasts and strategic drivers (for both malt and blended) in an easy-to-use package.

Our experienced drinks industry specialists have summarised the global market conditions for this evolving category.

The very latest market forecast data and brand market shares for both blended and malt Scotch whisky is provided, offering an instant view on the most important and interesting markets for the coming five years.

The report provides a short-form, visual view of future Scotch market growth hotspots, consumer drivers, product trends, plus a review of recent brands' and owners' rankings across the world.

Each key market is covered with much of our analysts' deeper insight being exclusive to this report.

Why this Scotch whisky report is essential:

We’ve taken a fresh look at how to deliver spirits category insight. This market review series is focused on providing actionable insights backed up by strategic-level data.

Discover the essentials for your business, and what will drive profit and growth. Grab the facts and use them - instantly.

Use this report to gain an instant view on the category with its:

  • Strategic drivers of leading markets, consumers and product innovation
  • Future category growth hotspots - visualised
  • Largest and fastest growing Scotch whisky markets, brands and owners ranked by volume and value
  • Interviews from leading brand owners

The following analysis and data is included:


Much of the analysis is unique to these reports and cannot be found in other just-drinks or IWSR products.

Beginning with global insights, we provide:

  • A round-up of world Scotch whisky market conditions, including 'key views'; our analysts' views of the short-term future and likely strategies brand owners might adopt
  • Visual heatmap for the category's future growth hotspots around the world
  • The important consumer trends and insights for the category, including our analysts' key views
  • Latest product strategies, packaging and flavours, plus what's shaping trends around NPD. Once again, backed up with our analysts' key views
  • Recent brands' and owner market shares, rankings, performance and activity
  • All supported by exclusive quotes from major brand owners

The second half of the report covers the recent performance of each region and its major markets. The analysis is category-specific and exclusive to this report.

Our unique analysis tool: 'key views'

  • Review: we summarise the global market situation, product innovation and consumer drivers
  • Insight: we highlight salient points gained from our drinks analysts' many years of industry experience
  • Future: in as few words as possible, we outline the short-term outlook across markets, product innovation and consumer drivers
  • Strategy: we aim to convey what this insight means for you and summarise recommended future strategy


World view dashboard containing:

  • 2009-2013 CAGRs for each region's volume
  • Top three brand owners' volume market shares per region
  • Fastest growing brand (between 2011 and 2013) per region
  • Regions: Asia Pacific, Americas, Europe, Africa & Middle East, CIS, Travel retail

2014 to 2019 forecast ranking tables for both the top 20 blended Scotch whisky markets and the top 20 fastest growing markets (plus top 10 for malt), over the period.

Ranking table showing top 20 blended markets' (plus top 10 for malt) 2009 to 2013 volumes, plus CAGRs.

Each region's overall consumption volume from 2009 to 2013.

Ranking table showing top 20 brands' (and their owners) 2009 to 2013 volumes, plus CAGRs and % share.

The same, but for retail value instead of volume, to show comparison of volume against value.

Then, for each of the major countries (separate data for blended and malt):

  • Top brands' volumes and total country volumes, '09-'13, plus 2009 and 2013 shares
  • Top companies' retail values and total country values, '09-'13, plus '09 and '13 shares
  • 2009 and 2013 share by quality for each of these countries

This report will help you and your company by:

  • Delivering only the most important global strategic business information
  • Providing short-from, punchy insights aimed at specific teams
  • Gaining insider quotes directly from competitor brand producers
  • Benchmarking strategic plans using our drinks industry specialist insight
  • Instantly recognising future category growth using our visual summaries
  • Quickly ranking the most critical global markets, brands and owners

Essential insight - in one quick-to-use package

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