Food and beverage packaging today – what’s next?

Published: August 2013


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Report description

Between May and June of this year, just-food and just-drinks conducted a focused online readership survey to investigate packaging innovations and trends. The objective of the survey was to explore packaging developments and to uncover opinions relevant for food and drink, as well as packaging, manufacturers and suppliers.

Key areas of interest were usage behaviour, perception of consumer trends, innovations and developments, and opinions on sourcing. This report outlines the results of the survey.

The report also includes information about market trends and developments relevant to the online survey results, and incorporates commentary from exchanges with several key executives in packaging related roles in food and drink companies.

It concludes by summarizing what the findings mean for packaging companies involved in the food and drinks industries.

Table of contents

Executive summary
The just-food and just-drinks survey

Respondent profile
Survey findings in the market context
Consumers and food and drink packaging
Key challenges and drivers for the food and drink industry
Innovations and the future
Choosing packaging and working with packaging suppliers
What do these findings mean for food and drink companies?
What do these findings mean for packaging companies?


List of tables
Table 1: Details of executives contacted for relevant commentary
Table 2: What do you predict will be the next 'big thing' in packaging?
Table 3: Can you explain why (you have given that rating for satisfaction with your current packaging supplier)?

List of figures
Figure 1: In which region are you located?
Figure 2: In which areas of the world are your organisation's consumer packaged goods sold? Please tick all that apply:
Figure 3: Which option below best describes your job function?
Figure 4: How would you best describe the main function of your organisation?
Figure 5: What is the approximate annual turnover of your organisation?
Figure 6: What are the main types of packaging your organisation purchases? Please tick all that apply:
Figure 7: Approximately how much does your organisation spend on packaging per year?
Figure 8: How important do you think the following packaging factors are to consumers when buying food and beverages?
Figure 9: Please indicate whether this packaging factor is likely to become less important, stay the same, or become more
important to consumers when buying food or beverages over the next few years: .
Figure 10: How important are the functional/economic considerations listed below to packaging choices for your
Figure 11: Please indicate whether this functional/economic consideration for choosing packaging is likely to become less
important, stay the same, or become more important to your organisation over the next few years:
Figure 12: How important are the following drivers for your organisation when purchasing/specifying packaging itself?
Figure 13: How important are the following factors (1=not very important to 5=very important) to your organisation when
sourcing a potential new packaging supplier?
Figure 14: How satisfied you are with your current packaging suppliers?
Figure 15: How likely is it that your organisation will consider alternative packaging suppliers during the next 18 months?
Figure 16: Which of the options below is the most likely trigger for your organisation to source new packaging suppliers?
Figure 17: How is your organisation's spend on packaging likely to change over the next few years?

Price: $ 700.00

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