Environmental sustainability in the global drinks industry in 2013

Published: November 2013

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Report description

Environmental sustainability remains one of the most active areas for the global drinks industry.

This four-part report takes an in-depth look at the buzz topic of environmental sustainability throughout the global drinks industry. Each section looks at the environmental footprint of each drinks category: Beer, soft drinks & bottled water, spirits and wine.

The report was compiled from a wealth of interviews conducted by author Ben Cooper with many of the world's brewers, soft drinks and bottled water brand owners and spirits producers.


Table of contents


Chapter 1: Looking Beyond the Brewery

Chapter 2: Local Sourcing

Chapter 3: Company by Company - Anheuser-Busch InBev, Carlsberg and Diageo

Chapter 4: Company by Company - Heineken, Molson Coors and SABMiller


Chapter 1: Beyond the Four Walls

Chapter 2: Collaboration with Suppliers

Chapter 3: Recycling

Chapter 4: Engaging Consumers


Chapter 1: Taking a Value Chain Approach

Chapter 2: Supplier Engagement

Chapter 3: Working with Agricultural Suppliers

Chapter 4: Packaging


Chapter 1: Wine's Footprint and the Focus on the Vineyard

Chapter 2: Sustainability Certification in South Africa

Chapter 3: Organic Wine

Chapter 4: Sustainable Packaging

Price: $ 600.00

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