Australian Internet and Social Media Report: How Australian Use the Digital World to Learn About Wine

Published: July 2012

Publisher: Wine Intelligence

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Pages: 42

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Report description

Our survey explored how respondents use the following online and traditional sources in the context of wine information:Online sources of information: Internet ((newspaper or magazine websites, small wine producer’s websites, mainstream wine brand’s websites, websites promoting particular wine regions or countries, supermarket websites, wine merchant’s websites, articles about wine on Wikipedia) and Social media (discussions about wine on Twitter, posts about wine on Facebook, post about wine on independent blogs) and Traditional sources of wine information: word of mouth, shop staff, television or radio, wine guides, printed media, in-store information).

Table of contents

  • Research questions and executive summary
  • Overview of Australian market and consumers who use internet and social media for wine information
  • Channels used by consumers for wine information
  • How online sources are accessed
  • Segmentation of the online wine consumers
  • Appendix

Price: $ 2400.00

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