Australasia Fruit Powders Report 2012

Australasia Fruit Powders Report 2012

Published: November 2012
Publisher: Canadean Ltd
Product ref: 162823
Pages: 35
Format: PDF
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Product Synopsis
Published by Canadean, the Australasia Fruit Powders Report 2012 provides a detailed analysis of the fruit powders market in Australasia, with data at a regional and individual country level, including forecasts to 2015

Introduction and Landscape
Why was the report written?
The Australasia Fruit Powders Report 2012 is an essential guide for anyone with an interest in the fruit powders market and forms part of Canadean’s best selling series of global soft drinks reports.

What is the current market landscape and what is changing?
The outlook is for volume contraction. The category is segmented according to flavor, with orange options proving most popular throughout the region.

What are the key drivers behind recent market changes?
There is no new dynamic that is expected to influence the steady decline in this category. Further, marketing activity is limited to one player throughout the region.

What makes this report unique and essential to read?
The report comprises of data tables and supporting text, providing information at a regional and country level. The report is compiled from Canadean’s extensive global soft drinks databases which are researched individually by country using our specialist researchers ‘on the ground’. Comprising of 2individual country profiles, plus a regional summary, the report provides an invaluable guide to the latest trends and forecasts in the fruit powders category.

Key Features and Benefits
Data includes consumption volumes (million litres & litres per capita) from 2006 to 2011, plus forecasts to 2015 by country.

Percentage market shares are provided for segmentation data, packaging data and distribution (2010 and 2011 actuals, plus 2012 forecasts).

Leading companies’ market shares for 2010 and 2011 are provided.

A market valuation is provided for each country and, where applicable, new products in 2011 are identified by country.

Supporting text includes commentary on current and emerging trends, segmentation, packaging, distribution, pricing/valuation and where applicable, functional products and private label

Key Market Issues
Price increases are minimal due to the budget positioning of this category and the threat of cheap overseas imports.

The key packaging format is foil sachet, with almost no change seen year on year.

Category volume is mainly through supermarkets because of pricing and planned purchase.

There are no functional products present in the market.

Private Label options are only visible in New Zealand, where they are marginal because brands are offered at very low cost per usage occasion.

Key Highlights
A recently emerging segment in New Zealand is by situation of use, e.g. Vitasport being positioned for sports applications. This may herald the emergence of future situation specific segments.

Throughout the region, advertising expenditure during 2011 was restricted to Hansells.

By anchoring fruit powders in a specific application, namely sports, Vitasport has been placed in the bay with sports drinks, thereby capturing volume from rtd sports drink consumers.

Fruit cocktail flavors are popular, in addition to orange, in Australia.

There are no functional products in this category.

Price: $1900.00

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