A fight to the end – Heineken’s crusade for Asia Pacific Breweries

Published: November 2013

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Report description

This is the first in a new series of short reports from just-drinks. These profiles will bring together all of just-drinks' coverage of a major development involving some of the leading players in the beverage industry. They will paint the picture from the early rumours right through to conclusion, with all the twists and turns in between.

Typically they will be available within days of our final news story on the subject.

Our first profile looks back at one of the most dramatic acquisition races in recent years, Heineken's quest for Asia Pacific Breweries.

The full story provides powerful insight into the battle for APB. Quotes from key stakeholders also help to add to the drama.

All of just-drinks' coverage is presented in this easy-reference document. It is ideal for anyone wanting to catch up on the full story without having to search through the myriad of items written on the subject.

Table of contents



Beginnings: 16-19 July 2012

Heineken responds: 20 July to 3 August 2012

Thaibev ups the ante: 7-29 August 2012

Endgame: 6-19 September 2012

Loose ends: 28 September 2012 to 31 January 2013

Conclusion: winners and losers?


Price: $ 300.00

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