2012 The Value-Added Water Market in the U.S.

2012 The Value-Added Water Market in the U.S.

Published: October 2012
Publisher: Beverage Marketing Corporation
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Pages: 145
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This report assesses the current state of the value-added water market. It also provides an overview of the sub-segments and drivers that will propel growth to 2016. Principal competitors are identified along with small, burgeoning companies and their brands. It includes analysis of leading brands, advertising expenditures as well as category projections.

Report extract:

Several characteristics of the flavored water market have emerged. One is the requirement that flavored waters be low or no calorie.

  • Fruit2O uses Splenda and has no calories. The other main entrants use Splenda as well. (Dasani uses a blend of Splenda and ace-K.)
  • Public acceptance of Splenda has blossomed and food and beverage manufacturers are more willing to utilize the sugar substitute.
  • The flavored water products thus strive to meet what consumers seem to be asking for: good tasting, flavored, sweet hydrators that are low in calories and carbs.

One success driver in the flavored water segment is flavor innovation - whether the companies can come up with new flavors to bring "new news" into the category on a periodic basis.

  • All four leading companies have raspberry flavors in their portfolios. Lemon and strawberry are also found in at least three companies' portfolios.
  • Innovation would thus include both emulating competitors' successful flavors and introducing more blends such as peach-mango (or the like). However, in actuality, there has not been much flavor innovation by the major companies in the past four or five years.

One reason for the lack of flavor innovation is a lack of focus on the part of Coca-Cola and PepsiCo.

  • Flavored water is just a part of these companies' water portfolios, along with enhanced water and unflavored PET water. Coca-Cola decided to buy its way into leadership position in the value-added water market with its purchase of Vitaminwater. As a result, Dasani Flavors was lost in the shuffle.
  • PepsiCo has been plagued with the same lack of focus. Pepsi re-positioned SoBe Lifewater to more aggressively target males, which has given FlavorSplash more elbow room to carve up the female audience.
  • For this reason, Aquafina was able to overtake Dasani in the flavored water market.
  • Although NWNA does not have a huge portfolio to juggle like the cola giants, it still has not found much traction with its flavored water product. The company has certainly placed flavored Nestlé Pure Life in front of consumers' eyes, but its unflavored waters continue to capture most of the sales. It is expected that in the short-term future, NWNA will grow increasingly less focused on flavored water as it defends its leadership position in the unflavored water market.

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