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Research in Focus

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Research in Focus - Connoisseurship and 'Terroir' take Malt Whisky to Record High

27 March 2014

The close affinity between Scotland and France dates back as far as the 13th Century and the Auld Alliance. In those days, it was primarily shared enmity and suspicion of England that bound the two nations together: Some might say still does.

Research in Focus - Cider's Potential Bubbles to the Surface

17 March 2014

Global manufacturers, orchards owners, and independent brewers are realising the potential in the cider/perry market beyond core markets, particularly the UK. Evolving cider/perry markets in Eastern Europe and New World markets, notably the US, Australia, South Africa, and Argentina, have driven growth in recent years.

Research in Focus - Craft Distillers Follow in the Little Footsteps of the Micro-Brewers

3 March 2014

The latest joint-report from just-drinks and The IWSR, published this week, looks at the non-scotch whisk(e)y category. Ben Cooper considers what the findings of this research mean for the smaller whisk(e)y distillers around the World.

Research in Focus - Smaller Packaging Increases Access, Raises Value in Emerging Asian Markets

25 February 2014

With challenges facing the CSD category at every turn, Euromonitor has spotted a surprise opportunity for producers, in some of the emerging markets of the World.

Research in Focus - Vodka and the Flavour Fatigue

7 February 2014

The flavoured vodka category has been a growth engine of the spirits sector for some time, but new research from just-drinks suggests that the sub-category no longer represents the easy route to growth or the obvious 'go to' option for new product development that it did a few years ago.

Research In Focus - Climate Change Altering Profile of European Wine Sector

10 January 2014

Climate change has significant implications for Europe's wine industry, according to a new just-drinks report. However, while rising temperatures are creating stern challenges for some of the region's most established wine-producing areas, wine production is becoming possible in northern regions where hitherto viticulture was not commercially viable. Ben Cooper reports.

Research In Focus - Vodka: Absolut game-changer

7 October 2013

Is there a brand that has exerted a more profound influence on a drinks category than Absolut Vodka? Ben Cooper doubts it.

Research in Focus - The Evolution of Energy: How a Shift in Focus Broadens Appeal

8 August 2013

As explored in Global Sports and Energy Drinks: Where Consumer Lifestyles and “Lifestyle Branding” Meet, energy drinks across the world are positioned and marketed in different ways.

Research in Focus - Ready for More Growth: RTDs Continue to Defy Doom-Mongers

2 August 2013

The ready-to-drink (RTD) category continues to offer growth potential for spirits producers while giving their brands access to consumption occasions they were traditionally excluded from and the opportunity to attract new consumers through product innovation.

Research in Focus - Challenges Facing Diageo in Spirits

1 July 2013

In a recently-published global briefing 'Diageo in Spirits', Euromonitor International’s senior alcoholic drinks analyst Jeremy Cunnington takes a look at what are the challenges facing Diageo in spirits as the new CEO Ivan Menezes takes charge.

Research in Focus - White Spirits: Grey Prospects & Golden Opportunities

30 May 2013

The white spirits category is merely an arbitrary pooling together of subsectors sharing some commonalities and more than a few major differences on the basis of the drinks’ primary colours. Euromonitor International’s latest global report ‘White Spirits: Grey Prospects and Golden Opportunities’ offers insights on this most ubiquitous of major alcoholic drinks segments. Senior analyst Spiros Malandrakis provides a brief glimpse of some of the key findings.

Research in Focus - Rum Set to Benefit from its Versatility

10 May 2013

The many facets of rum reflect a versatility that looks set to keep an already growing category moving in the right direction, according to a new report from just-drinks and The IWSR.

Research in Focus - BRIC Travellers Swell Travel Retail Coffers

11 April 2013

Drinks companies stand to benefit as the global travel retail market continues to expand, buoyed by millions of new passengers from developing economies, according to a new just-drinks/IWSR report.

Research in Focus - Wine: Tribal Instincts

28 February 2013

Consumer behaviour has been transformed by technology, but the main consumer trends all have their roots in mankind’s most primeval impulses. There are some important lessons for drinks marketers, as Wine Intelligence explains.

Research in Focus - Global reach gives Scotch whisky an edge during downturn

8 February 2013

The international scope of the Scotch whisky sector and its strong growth in emerging markets has allowed the market to continue growing in spite of the global downturn. However, as a new just-drinks/IWSR report points out, the performance in mature markets has led some to question whether more innovation is required to rejuvenate the category in what remain key markets.

Research in Focus - Emerging Markets Not Always the Answer

25 January 2013

While there has been huge focus in the spirits sector on emerging markets in recent years, a new report from Euromonitor International suggests prioritising development in these up-and-coming regions will not be the optimal growth strategy for all companies.

Research in Focus - Japan: Younger Wine Drinkers Provide Fresh Impetus

21 December 2012

Japan’s reputation as a conservative market which has reached a natural plateau is looking increasingly outdated, according to a Wine Intelligence report – and it’s the 20-34 age group that’s doing most to shake things up.

Research in Focus - China: 1.3bn People, 19m Wine Drinkers, Six Types of Consumer

23 November 2012

Just about everyone in the wine trade wants to do business with China. And by now, just about everyone has realised that, despite the explosive growth in the Chinese market, this isn’t the easiest thing to achieve. Barriers to entry are numerous; failure rates are high.

Research in Focus - Wine: Nailing the Nordics

26 October 2012

This week sees the publication of a new report from Wine Intelligence that looks at the wine markets in the Nordic region. Graham Holter considers the report's findings and learns that, when it comes to the region's wine consumers, one size most certainly does not suit all.

Research in Focus - Locating the Silver Lining for Drinks Companies

19 October 2012

As macroeconomic volatility, the mature versus emerging market narrative, the craft revolution coming of age and shifting demographics all radically reshape the alcoholic drinks battleground, innovation is accelerating and becoming more crucial than ever. Exploring key underlying themes and highlighting exemplary launches spearheading relevant trends, Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing provides a category-by-category sneak peak of the industry’s short- to medium-term future. Spiros Malandrakis, senior alcoholic drinks analyst, looks into the proverbial crystal ball.

Research in Focus - Diageo's Johnnie Walker Just Keeps On Walking

12 October 2012

In a way it must be a bit galling for the undoubtedly talented number crunchers at the International Wine and Spirit Record (IWSR) that their carefully devised methodology for calculating the world's top performing spirit brand produces probably the same outcome as the intuitive guess of most industry professionals.

Research in Focus - Soft Drinks: How Consumption Patterns Drive Branding and Product Development

5 October 2012

In 2011, global soft drinks sales reached 609bn litres, up by 4% over the previous year and continuing a steady upwards trend. At the same time, global consumption continues to evolve, both in terms of what consumers are buying as well as how, where and - perhaps most importantly - why.

Research in Focus - Champenois Back US to Deliver Over Next Decade

28 September 2012

In spite of much exciting talk about the growth of Champagne in Far Eastern markets, the country marked out by most observers as most promising export destination for Champagne over the next decade is in fact a resurgent US.

Research in Focus - Prosecco Leads the Sparkling Wine Charge

13 September 2012

Growth in sparkling wine of the non-Champagne variety has been a somewhat unheralded success story of the global wines and spirits market during the past ten years, and the product which typifies the sector's progress - and the star performer to boot - is the northern Italian fizz, Prosecco.

Research in Focus - RTDs & High-Strength Premixes: A Growing & Increasingly Sophisticated Category

13 July 2012

The RTDs/high-strength premixes category registered the second strongest total volume growth of all alcoholic drinks categories globally in 2011. New launches and category extensions led to the repositioning of RTDs as a healthier and more socially responsible category, expanding its consumer base and growing in both volume and value terms as a result.

Research in Focus - Brewers look to premium brands to alleviate recessionary woes

11 June 2012

Premium beer sales are set to grow in "every continent" over the next four years according to a new just-drinks report, with Asia expected to show particularly strong growth. However, premium beer growth is forecast to be "sluggish" in Europe.

Research in Focus - Health Benefits Fuel New Products in Soft Drinks

10 May 2012

Between 2011 and 2016, developed markets are predicted to have very little soft drinks absolute volume growth due mainly to market saturation. Since volume increases are limited, there is a search for value-added new products to enhance category profitability.

Research in Focus - Health Concerns a Boon for Stevia-Based CSDs in China?

10 May 2012

Scepticism towards artificial sweeteners has inhibited growth in lower-calorie carbonated soft drinks (CSDs) in China but as obesity rates rise, consumer demand for lower-calorie, healthier beverages will increase. To meet this demand and to prevent consumers deserting the CSD market for healthier non-carbonated products, CSD producers will have to develop lower-calorie, naturally sweetened offerings, and stevia-based products could be the obvious solution.

Research in Focus - Na Zdorovie, Amigo! Russians Take to Tequila

19 April 2012

As hard as it may be to conceive of another white spirit winning the hearts of Russian drinkers, it appears that Tequila is doing just that. If current growth rates are maintained, Russia is likely to take Germany's place as the fourth-largest Tequila market within the next two to three years, says a new IWSR/just-drinks report.

Research in Focus - Ready To Drink Finally Comes of Age

16 March 2012

The economic downturn has been a catalyst for both recovery and reinvention in the ready-to-drink category, according to a new report from Euromonitor.

Research in Focus - Cognac Enjoys New "Golden Age"

10 February 2012

From the somewhat depressing perspective of recession-ravaged Europe, the idea of any sector of the premium spirits market enjoying a golden age may seem somewhat surprising. But, thanks to the contrasting fortunes of emerging Asian markets, Cognac is experiencing precisely that, according to a new report from The IWSR and just-drinks.

Research in Focus - Baijiu Shows Premium Sector is Not All About Imported Cachet

20 January 2012

Much has been written about the continued growth potential for imported spirits in China, but a new report from The IWSR examines the special position the traditional spirit, baijiu, holds in the Chinese spirits sector.

Research in Focus - Doing its Own Thing Pays Off for Gin

16 December 2011

As vodka sales have soared over the last ten years, gin has been somewhat in the doldrums. However, a new The IWSR/just-drinks report shows that the premium gin category is now growing, on the back of new product innovation and marketing which emphasises gin’s unique attributes rather than simply trying to emulate vodka.

Research in Focus - Challenges and Strategies in Global Fruit/Vegetable Juice Sales

28 October 2011

Several inherent challenges exist in global fruit/vegetable juice sales. In a recent Euromonitor International Global Briefing, entitled 'Global Consumer Preferences within Fruit/Vegetable Juice', Richard Haffner, Euromonitor’s head of beverage research, analyses these challenges and offers strategies for growth opportunities in global fruit/vegetable juice sales.

Research in Focus - 'The World’s Top Performing Spirits Brands' from The IWSR/just-drinks

19 October 2011

A new report incorporating the IWSR's spirits rankings and a just-drinks readership survey confirms Johnnie Walker’s status as the undisputed global brand leader in the spirits sector but also has some positive findings for brands such as Jack Daniel’s, Absolut and Captain Morgan.

Research in Focus - Can Any Wine Company Gain 5% Global Volume Share?

4 October 2011

The global wine industry remains highly fragmented. In a recent Euromonitor International global briefing, entitled 'How Wine Companies Can Become Global', Jeremy Cunnington looked at why, and whether it can change.

Research in Focus - Innovation Key to Growth for Non-Scotch Whiskies

29 July 2011

Investment in product innovations such as flavoured whiskies and RTDs has borne fruit for non-Scotch whiskies, according to a new just-drinks/IWSR report, while US, Canadian and Irish whiskies have also capitalised on the growing popularity of cocktails.

Research in Focus - Global Performance and Prospects for Beer

22 July 2011

While some signs of a relative rebound in the global beer market started appearing in 2010, following the sobering trough reached in 2009, growth has yet to return to pre-recessionary levels. Spiros Malandrakis, Alcoholic drinks analyst Euromonitor International examines the current state of the industry, including the post-recession fallout, recovering and still beleaguered markets, and scenarios for growth moving forward.

Research in Focus - Premium Outlook Good for Vodka, Despite Recession

27 May 2011

Continued growth in the US and the prospect of an increasingly prominent position in the global travel retail sector augur well for premium vodka brands, according to a new report from just-drinks and IWSR.

Research in Focus - Growth Opportunities for Beer Suppliers

18 March 2011

Beer brewing is a process impacted by a combination of endogenous variables, such as market maturity and changing consumer preferences, as well as exogenous factors such as the economic climate, consumer confidence, spending power and demographic shifts. Euromonitor International’s latest report, ‘Growth Opportunities for Beer Suppliers’, provides an overview of global beer production, while focusing on both how it influences - and is influenced by - general market performance in the context of an increasingly volatile world. This report takes a closer at when it is most appropriate to produce beer locally or brew abroad, while at the same time focusing on a case study of the Chinese market. Spiros Malandrakis, alcoholic drinks analyst at Euromonitor International, investigates.

Research in Focus - Rum Sector Reaping the Premiumisation Dividend

9 March 2011

Following the trends seen in categories such as vodka and Tequila, rum marketers are optimistic about the potential for premium and super-premium rums. A new just-drinks/IWSR report suggests with good reason.

Research in Focus - Malt Whisky Sales Suffer in Downturn, But Outlook is Positive

9 February 2011

Malt whisky sales suffered during the downturn, but a new just-drinks/IWSR report forecasts a rapid recovery for the sector and suggests the long-term prognosis remains positive.

Research in Focus - Global Spirits Market on the Path to Recovery

24 November 2010

The spirits industry is on the path to recovery following a hard 2009 during which many markets were affected by the credit crunch, according to The IWSR’s Forecast Report 2010-2015. Several countries and categories are returning to stability or growth in 2010, but the time and speed of recovery will vary considerably depending on local circumstances.

Research in Focus - The New Consumer and the Alcoholic Drinks Industry

19 November 2010

The fiscal maelstrom of the' Great Recession' has had a profound impact on the global socio-economic landscape. Sweeping across the world in 2008 and 2009 and causing havoc in countries as diverse as Latvia, the US, South Korea and South Africa, the sharpest contraction in world output since the Great Depression dramatically reshaped consumption trends, bringing about the arrival of a new norm. Temporary or permanent, radically fresh or an acceleration of pre-existing shifts in drinking, going out, socialising and spending patterns, such dramatic movements are but the post-natal convulsions following the birth of a new type of consumer. Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing, Beyond the Crisis – The New Consumer and the Alcoholic Drinks Industry, is an attempt to identify and contextualise the shifts, decipher their implications and point to the direction the alcoholic drinks industry will take in response. Spiros Malandrakis, alcoholic drinks analyst with Euromonitor International, investigates.

Research in Focus - Asia-Pacific: The Most Valuable Spirits Market

5 November 2010

Asia-Pacific is the number one region in the world in value terms, according to The IWSR’s Global Retail Value of Spirits Report.

Research in Focus - Soft Drinks Global Trends and Opportunities

22 October 2010

Global soft drinks sales proved to be somewhat recession resilient in 2009, though consumers did turn away from the premium spending that has driven the expansion of smaller categories like energy drinks and functional waters. As world economies return to growth, the soft drinks industry is faced with the challenge of mature categories in its largest markets alongside a greater potential for emerging regions, in an environment of greater M&A activity and new global challengers. Having the flexibility to find and adapt to the best opportunities for each soft drinks category at a global scale will be key to future sales growth.

Research in Focus - From Ground Zero Up for Champagne?

15 October 2010

Global Champagne volumes have recovered well from the lows of the economic downturn, but major question marks remain over future value growth, according to a new just-drinks research report.

Research in Focus - Sparkling Wine Outperforms Champagne During Downturn

8 October 2010

The recession may have hit all wine and spirits categories but the non-Champagne sparkling wine sector fared better than some, and in particular better than Champagne, according to a new IWSR/just-drinks report.

Research in Focus - Back to the Future - Reassessing Projections in a Tumultuous World

23 September 2010

As the fiscal and social maelstrom of the Great Recession started showing signs of abating, projections in October 2009 for the alcoholic drinks industry were relatively positive as most leading economies returned to growth. Nevertheless, and while a relative resurgence was indeed witnessed in a number of markets and categories, financial clouds are still ominously dotting the horizon in the form of spiralling country deficits, plummeting consumer confidence and unemployment rates stubbornly stuck in the high single digits. Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing ‘Alcoholic Drinks: Changing Growth Scenarios and Corporate Responses’ hence serves as a compass in the still troubled international operating landscape, pinpointing opportunities and pitfalls amidst the post-recessionary clutter. Spiros Malandrakis investigates.

Research in Focus - Global Carbonated Drinks Market Forecast to Grow

14 September 2010

The global market for CSDs is expected to reach US$195bn by 2014, up 11.4% from 2009, according to research published by just-drinks this week.

Research in Focus - Carbonates, Tapping the Growth Potential

20 August 2010

In this briefing, Euromonitor International focuses on opportunities for growing global carbonates category volume. As part of the report, Euromonitor International looks to identify growth opportunities based on the three regional groups - Untapped Markets (Asia Pacific, and Middle East and Africa), Developing Markets (Latin America and Eastern Europe) and Developed Markets (North America, Western Europe and Australasia). The report provides insights into strategies that provide opportunities to increase carbonates’ global share of soft drinks. Which CSD categories and brands have the greatest opportunity to drive future growth?

Research in Focus - Growth on the Horizon for Travel Retail

13 August 2010

A global recession was always likely to make for a tough time in travel retail but, according to a new IWSR/just-drinks report, projected growth in passenger numbers and closer collaboration between retailers and suppliers suggest the long-range prospects for the sector are very bright.

Research - Global Wine: Challenges and Opportunities

16 July 2010

Recessionary headwinds have accelerated underlying trends and reversed established drivers of the global wine industry. As the slow and uncertain ascent out of the fiscal maelstrom begins to take shape, Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing, ‘Global Wine: Challenges and Opportunities Facing the Wine Industry’, provides the analysis and the tools necessary to navigate the highly fragmented and increasingly competitive international wine market. Alcoholic drinks analyst Spiros Malandrakis investigates.

Research - Innovation leads to modest RTD recovery

9 July 2010

Hit by negative associations with underage drinking, leading to advertising restrictions and punitive taxation in some markets, ready-to-drink (RTD) spirits have suffered declining sales of late. But a new IWSR/just-drinks report suggests innovative product development has given the sector a new lease of life. Ben Cooper reports.

Research - Soft Drinks M&A Opportunities in 2010

25 June 2010

As soft drinks manufacturers emerge from the global recession, many face continued sales declines in developed markets due to saturation of key categories. As credit markets ease, new global competitors will continue to emerge as companies look beyond their domestic markets for growth. While large-scale transformative mergers are less likely, several smaller companies offer advantages of access to new geographies, brands, sales channels, or strategic partnerships. A report from Euromonitor this month looks to identify these opportunities for major soft drinks categories and explains the rationale and implications of potential future M&A activity.

Research - Global drinking culture enters new era of heterogeneity

30 April 2010

Portfolio diversity has become increasingly important over the past decade, fuelled by intensive retail modernisation and a new generation of consumers with high expectations of choice. 'Drinking Cultures of the World – Globalisation Creates Opportunities', Euromonitor International’s latest briefing on global drinking habits, highlights the challenges and opportunities going forward.

Research - Global beer players under the microscope

23 April 2010

The wave of major consolidation activity in the beer market over 2008 was followed by weakening volume growth in 2009 as the economic downturn put a dampener on bullish tactics. With the global beer landscape and future growth opportunities realigned, Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing ‘Strategies for Growth in an Increasingly Consolidated Global Beer Market’ deciphers the measures that companies have taken in light of this new operating environment and how they fit in with long-term strategies. Spiros Malandrakis, Alcoholic Drinks Analyst at Euromonitor International, investigates.

Research - India and China hold key for blended Scotch growth

16 April 2010

Among all the emerging markets, a new IWSR/just-drinks report identifies China and India as particularly critical to the future success of the blended Scotch whisky category. But there are some important distinctions between the two which will have a bearing on how companies go about exploiting their massive potential.

Research - Global opportunities for functional drinks

18 March 2010

Euromonitor International’s global briefing on functional drinks aims to identify markets and brands for functional drinks that offer the greatest growth opportunities. The briefing looks for ways to accelerate trends where functional drinks are growing the fastest. Insights on how to develop the identified opportunities are also offered. The data and analysis are specific to the key functional drinks sectors of sports drinks, energy drinks and functional bottled water.

Research - Super-premium options could hold key to non-Scotch growth

5 March 2010

To say that Scotch whisky holds sway in the super-premium whisky sector would be a supreme understatement. Sales in the upper price tiers among whisky distillers in the US, Canada and Ireland are dwarfed by those from Scotland. But a new IWSR/just-drinks report suggests that this is beginning to change.

FRANCE: Danone Waters reports drop in FY sales

11 February 2010

Danone Waters has reported a drop in full-year sales, although volumes grew strongly in emerging markets.

Research – UK: Mixing alcohol and politics

4 February 2010

All political parties are in 'full-on' election mode and this means ramping up activity to win support and votes across the country. Key political figures are making their views heard by outlining their proposals to improve their chances at the polls. As part of this, alcohol and its consumption have jumped to the top of the political agenda. We’ve seen various parties use alcohol to almost outdo each other in the media with different plans to cut binge drinking and alcohol-fuelled anti-social behaviour, which costs the UK millions of pounds each year. What can we actually expect? Tim Wilson, managing director of the Wilson Drinks Report considers the options.

Research - Downturn hampers Tequila export growth

29 January 2010

With Tequila’s sales concentrated in the on-trade in most countries apart from its two principal markets, the US and Mexico, the downturn’s negative impact on the on-premise channel is expected to have hit Tequila volumes, and its drive to develop international sales substantially beyond the US, says a new report from just-drinks/IWSR.

Research – GLOBAL: Asia provides comfort for bottled water in 2009

15 January 2010

Both Western Europe and North America are expected to have dragged bottled water sales downward last year, according to recent research.

Research – Wine continues growth in UK in 2009

15 January 2010

Wine consumers in the UK spent more than ever on their favourite beverage last year, according to recent research.

Research - GLOBAL: Spirits, wine sales set to slow

8 January 2010

Growth in both the global spirits and wine categories is expected to slow markedly in the five years to 2013, according to new research.

Research - Wine growth to continue in '09 despite downturn

8 January 2010

The strong growth of the global wine market in the latter half of the 21st century's first decade is set to rise slightly in 2009, despite the economic downturn.

Research - Cognac sees Asian markets compensate for US slough

24 December 2009

The Cognac market has not surprisingly been affected by the global economic downturn, but, according to a new report from IWSR/just-drinks, Asian markets have proved relatively resilient, compensating for a steep decline in the key US market.

Research - Packaging: A key trend in a recessionary world

24 December 2009

While the unprecedented global financial contraction is enforcing changes in consumption patterns, innovation is retaining its focal role as a primary driver for the alcoholic drinks industry, according to Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing ‘Product Developments in a Recessionary World’. Packaging reformulation is hence identified as one of the key strategies for retaining faltering audiences and expanding penetration rates for alcoholic drinks sales around the globe. Spiros Malandrakis, alcoholic drinks analyst at Euromonitor International, investigates.

Research - Human fluid need reveals untapped opportunities

14 December 2009

Euromonitor International’s series of new global briefings on global drinking habits reveal striking regional disparities in the importance of branded packaged drinks to man’s daily need for fluid. Crucially, data from the emerging markets exposes a pool of untapped opportunity. Rob Walker, senior drinks analyst at Euromonitor International, reports.

Research - Water cooler total rises in East Europe

11 December 2009

The number of water coolers, dispensers and pumps across Eastern Europe recorded a slight rise last year, according to a new report.

Research - EUR: Flavoured and functional waters on the rise in Europe

8 December 2009

The European market for flavoured and functional waters registered a 5% volume rise last year, according to a new report.

Research - Global beer market set for steady growth

27 November 2009

Results posted by major brewers in recent weeks suggest conditions are improving in the global beer market, which is borne out by a new report from just-drinks forecasting growth over the medium term.

Research - Global opportunities for spirits players despite the downturn

6 November 2009

The spirits industry, like other industries, has been hit by the current global economic crisis. Euromonitor International's latest global briefing, 'Global Opportunities for Leading Spirits Players despite the Economic Downturn', looks at how spirits companies are dealing with the current global conditions. Jeremy Cunnington, senior alcoholic drinks analyst at Euromonitor, provides an overview of the report.

Research - Slow gin category represents a tough assignment

16 October 2009

As Pernod Ricard names a new brand director for its gin brands, a recently published report from just-drinks/IWSR suggests it will not be an easy category from which to extract growth. Ben Cooper reports.

GLOBAL: Energy drink sales hindered by Thai decline – research

13 October 2009

Sales of energy drinks have doubled in the last five years, according to recent research.

Research – Less time for RTD tea?

9 October 2009

The economic downturn has impacted all consumer spending, and sales of soft drinks are no exception. But ready-to-drink tea is well positioned to be fairly resilient in this environment, due to its natural health properties and relatively low global market penetration.

Research - Discounters: Recession-proof retailing in alcoholic drinks

7 September 2009

Discounters have been steadily building up their presence in the global alcoholic drinks market over the last decade, according to Euromonitor International’s latest global briefing ‘Global Alcoholic Drinks: More Bad News for the On-trade’. The arrival of the current financial crisis and a subsequent return to the values of thriftiness and inconspicuous consumption have provided the channel with an additional boost, whilst clearly illustrating that opportunities are still present even during times of economic gloom and instability. Spiros Malandrakis, Alcoholic drinks analyst at Euromonitor International, investigates.

Research - Vodka marketers may find the frugal habit hard to shift

4 September 2009

The recession has prompted trading down in the spirits market, even putting the brakes on the seemingly ever-increasing premium vodka category. With reference to a new IWSR/just-drinks report, Ben Cooper examines whether the new frugality seen among vodka drinkers will remain when economic conditions improve.

Research - Premium beer market facing tough times

14 August 2009

The premium beer sector has suffered during the downturn but was already enduring difficult times, according to a report from Key Note. Ben Cooper reports.

US: Pernod Ricard unveils added value packs

11 August 2009

Pernod Ricard USA has today (11 August) launched its off-premise value added pack (VAP) line up for the company’s core wine and spirit brands for the next season.

Research - Turkey’s beverage market resilient in the face of adverse economic climate

6 August 2009

In absolute volume terms, Turkey was the third strongest growing soft drinks market in the world last year, generating 1.6bn litres of new business, according to data from Euromonitor International. Only China and Mexico, with yield increases of 4.5bn and 2bn litres respectively, performed better. But, with the global financial crisis pushing Turkey’s economy into a forecast contraction of over 5% this year, what is the soft drinks prognosis going forward? Rob Walker, senior non-alcoholic drinks analyst at Euromonitor International, investigates.

Research - Tuning into younger mindset no easy task for wine

23 July 2009

Appealing to younger consumers may be vital in ensuring a healthy future for the wine sector but it is easier said than done. New research from Wine Intelligence which segments the wine market into six different consumer groups underlines why the youth market is a tough one for wine marketers to crack. Ben Cooper reports.

UK: Premium lager a victim of consolidation - research

10 July 2009

The premium lager market in the UK is set to contract going forward, according to a recent report.

Focus - Alcohol sales in developed markets hit hardest by downturn

10 July 2009

As drinks companies look desperately for the elusive ‘green shoots’ of economic recovery, Spiros Malandrakis of Euromonitor International examines the varying impact the downturn has had across regional alcoholic drinks markets.

Research - New World set for more growth despite challenges

29 May 2009

A new report from IWSR and just-drinks suggests New World wine producers will continue to grow their share of the market. But while the New World can expect good growth in emerging wine markets, the Old World is fighting back. Ben Cooper reports.

Research - Brazil soft drinks sector can weather economic storm

29 May 2009

Brazil’s economy has been affected by the global financial crisis but Simon Maddrell of Euromonitor International believes the country’s soft drinks sector is in good shape to withstand the downturn, thanks to solid consumer confidence and the swift remedial economic policies adopted by the Government.

Research - Special additions could make sense for majors

22 May 2009

Spirits such as soju and cachaça may be less well known than vodka and whisky, but according to a new report from IWSR and just-drinks, could offer considerable benefits to multinationals, both in underpinning distribution in emerging markets and establishing new international categories.

UK: Downbeat 2009 forecast for UK wine market - research

12 May 2009

A wave of pessimism has broken over the UK wine market, according to the results of a recent survey.

GLOBAL: Safety of big brands leads the way in 2009 - research

11 May 2009

The global drinks consumer is heading for “safety” when it comes to drinks brands, according to a recent report.

Focus - Intoxicating prospects for low-alcohol beer

1 May 2009

Concerns over health and drink-driving are fostering growth in the low- and non-alcohol beer categories. Spiros Malandrakis, drinks analyst at Euromonitor International, assesses the progress and potential of key markets for low- and non-alcohol beers in Europe and the Middle East.

GLOBAL: Protein beverage category looking good - research

20 March 2009

The ready-to-drink protein-enriched beverage category could offer potential growth for drinks companies going forward, according to a recent report.

Focus - Size not the whole story in search for spirits growth

6 March 2009

Recent results suggest all spirits companies are feeling the effects of the downturn but some are better equipped for long-term growth than others. Jeremy Cunnington of Euromonitor International assesses which companies look strong and which appear vulnerable.

Report in Focus - Champagne sales in tune with the times

13 February 2009

It was hardly a huge surprise when the Comité Interprofessionnel des Vins de Champagne reported a decline in Champagne sales for 2008 last week. And the announcement coincides with publication of a new just-drinks/IWSC report on the Champagne market which forecasts more tough times to come. Ben Cooper reports.

Report in Focus - Rum no longer just a consolation prize

6 February 2009

Increased investment by multinationals is transforming the rum sector which, according to a new report from just-drinks and IWSR, could be the next “hot” international spirits category. Ben Cooper reports.

Report in Focus - Foreign retailers get ownership boost in Vietnam

16 January 2009

Vietnam has paved the way for further multinational retail investment in the country after allowing foreign companies to set up wholly-owned businesses there.

GLOBAL: Soft drinks consumption rises in 2007 - research

5 December 2008

Soft drink consumption worldwide rose slightly last year, led by growth in East Europe, according to recent research.

RUSSIA: Russia “most exciting” new wine market - study

24 November 2008

Russia is probably the “most exciting” new wine market to emerge in the past five years, according to a report released today (24 November).

US: US beer consumption reverses decreases in 2007 - research

24 November 2008

Per capita beer consumption in the US last year rose slightly, returning to the same level as 2002, according to recent research.

Report in Focus - Local players set to gain from emerging market growth

21 November 2008

While there are clearly huge rewards on offer to international players in emerging markets, local spirits companies are also reaping the dividend of economic growth and rising personal wealth, and are themselves responding to increasing consumer sophistication, according to a new report from The IWSR and just-drinks. Ben Cooper reports.

EUR: Soft drinks optimism split between east and west - research

20 November 2008

A recent report has warned that confidence in the soft drinks industry in Europe is on the slide.

REPORT IN FOCUS - Liqueurs show versatility as trends change

14 November 2008

Far from being comprised of rather dusty brands consumed after dinner by a declining proportion of drinkers, liqueurs are among the most versatile products on the drinks market. According to a new report from just-drinks and The IWSR, the growth of the cocktail culture in the US and now increasingly in other markets, and the increasing popularity of flavoured versions of mainstream spirits have resulted in sustained growth in this most vibrant of categories. Ben Cooper reports.

REPORT IN FOCUS - US wine market set for continued growth

6 November 2008

In spite of the economic downturn, the prognosis for the US wine market remains healthy, according to a new report from Wine Intelligence. Wine sales continue to grow year on year, but with per capita consumption still at around 11 litres, there is still huge potential for building sales, particularly among less regular wine drinkers. Ben Cooper reports.

Research - Sparkling wines look to emerge from Champagne’s shadow

17 October 2008

There is no doubting that Champagne has a unique cachet among sparkling wines but non-Champagne sparklers have been growing well in recent years. According to a new report from just-drinks and IWSR, worsening economic conditions could foster further growth as consumers look for value, while cannier marketing offers the potential for sparkling wines to be seen as more than just a cheap alternative to Champagne. Ben Cooper reports.

RESEARCH: Olympics focus the World on Chinese drinks companies

3 October 2008

The Olympic Games in China, which took place earlier this summer, is expected to have a “profound effect” on spirits companies in the country, according to recent research.

DOMINICAN REPUBLIC: Vodka sales soar in Dominican Republic - research

18 September 2008

Vodka is the drink of the moment in the Dominican Republic, growing 50% in 2007 according to recent research from the IWSR.

Research - Juices and water to lead growth in Middle East

5 September 2008

With a young population and increasing demand for a wider variety of soft drinks, the Middle East represents a strong growth opportunity for soft drinks producers, both international and local. Simon Maddrell of Euromonitor International picks out the 100% juice and bottled water categories as strong growth areas.

ECUADOR: Wine consumption in Ecuador on the rise - research

4 September 2008

The IWSR’s Ecuador report has shown that 2007 saw a significant increase in consumption of still light wine.

GLOBAL: Whisky drives growth in South Africa - research

20 August 2008

The South African whisky market grew by an estimated 16.2% in 2007 to over 3.5m cases. According to The IWSR’s South Africa Wine and Spirits 2008 report, growth was largely driven by Jameson, Jack Daniels and Johnnie Walker.

ITALY: Italian harvest likely to be up 10% - survey

6 August 2008

A joint survey by ISMEA (the Italian market research and information institute) and Unione Italiana Vini (the Italian wine association) has concluded that Italy's 2008 grape harvest is likely to be 10% higher in volume than last year's.

US: Soy beverages on the rise in US - research

5 August 2008

Soy beverages saw a US growth of 19.3% last year as the category makes a definitive move towards the mainstream, recent research has shown.

GREECE: Greek consumers still chasing premium drinks - research

24 July 2008

Drinks consumers in Greece are continuing to demand premium products, according to recent research.

Research - Asia Pacific giants expand horizons

18 July 2008

The Asia Pacific region is home to some of the world’s largest spirits producers though many of them are focused predominantly on their domestic markets. Others, however, are expanding their international horizons. Jeremy Cunnington of Euromonitor International looks at three of the region’s most prominent spirits producers, Suntory, United Spirits (UB Group) and Thai Beverage.

Research - Good times ahead for Irish Whiskey

1 July 2008

The entry of Diageo into the Irish whiskey market has further enlivened a sector already growing steadily thanks to the efforts of the other major global spirits force, Pernod Ricard. And a new report from just-drinks suggests there is more growth ahead for Irish whiskey.

Rice wine producers look to profit from sushi boom

16 June 2008

The increasing appeal of Japanese food in many countries is fuelling international sales of sake, though the market is declining in Japan itself. The rice wine category is also benefiting from premiumisation in the massive Chinese market on the back of economic growth and rising personal incomes. Catherine Mars of Euromonitor International assesses the opportunities on offer in the sake sector.

UK: Bottled water consumption continues stellar growth

13 June 2008

UK consumers have increased their consumption of bottled water at the fastest rate in Europe over the past five years.

If you ask me CBC – malt whisky’s rocky evolution

16 April 2008

Malt whisky continues to outpace the growth of blended Scotch and its leading brands are putting in stellar performances. But as a new report from just-drinks explains, a closer look reveals a category still underperforming with issues of pricing, image and availability threatening its future. Chris Brook-Carter reports

US: Blue Moon leads top 30 beer brands in US - research

2 April 2008

The fastest growing beer brand in the US last year was a Belgian-style wheat ale brewed by Molson Coors, according to recent research.

Challenges ahead for Southern Hemisphere wine producers

7 March 2008

While Australia’s woes have attracted most media attention, all the wine-producing countries of the Southern Hemisphere face challenges in the year ahead, according to a recently published report from just-drinks. Ben Cooper reports.

Focus - Water brands look to build on Eastern European growth

22 February 2008

Having overtaken carbonated soft drinks in volume terms last year, the bottled water category in Eastern Europe can look forward to further growth over the next five years. But, writes Rob Walker, industry analyst for non-alcoholic drinks at Euromonitor International, while rising incomes and changing aspirations offer significant opportunities for bottled water brands, the region’s demographics are not as favourable as other emerging markets.

RESEARCH - Vodka market set for ultra-premium boost

15 February 2008

Premium and super-premium brands have been important drivers in the growing vodka category for some time but among the key trends forecast in a recent report on the vodka market from just-drinks is the growth of the ultra-premium segment. Ben Cooper reports.

Research - Wine sales set for strong growth in Russia and China

1 February 2008

Growth for wine in emerging markets, the possibility that European wine producers will regain some ground on the New World, and continued consumer interest in healthier drinks are among the many forecasts for the coming year in the Euromonitor International 2008 industry review from just-drinks. Ben Cooper highlights some of the briefing's key predictions.

ANALYSIS: Cognac market set for further growth

8 November 2007

Having seen a healthy 7.2% rise in shipments in 2006, the global Cognac market is set for continued growth over the coming four years, according to a new report from just-drinks, with continued progress in key major markets such as the UK, the US and China and an increasing contribution from new and emerging markets such as South Africa and Mexico. Ben Cooper reports.

Majors will have to work hard for Indian spirits rewards

13 September 2007

The Indian spirits sector has undoubted growth potential, on the back of a growing economy, an expanding middle class and rising disposable income but international companies face many obstacles as they seek to exploit the opportunities on offer. Euromonitor International assesses which companies are best placed.

Spotlight – Premium beer market set for further growth

13 August 2007

The global market for premium beer is set for further strong growth over the coming six years, according to a recent report published by just-drinks, but there will be marked variations in the growth rates between different regions, and innovation will be vital as competition intensifies.

Health and demographic trends set to shape drinks strategies

6 August 2007

Premiumisation, health concerns and demographic shifts are likely to be among the key factors influencing the strategies of beverage alcohol companies over the next five years, according to a report from Business Insights. Ben Cooper examines the report’s findings.

US: Brown-Forman reports record earnings

6 June 2007

Double digit growth of the company’s leading spirits brands helped Brown-Forman Corporation report record earnings for its full year.

Opportunities for growth but wine oversupply must be tackled

23 May 2007

Wine production in the Northern Hemisphere remains dogged by over-production, but according to a recent report published by just-drinks, there is plenty of opportunity for innovative and consumer-aware producers, while the success Germany has had in transforming its wine industry shows the benefit of structural reform and market-orientated planning.

Emerging markets will be no soft touch for blended Scotch

14 May 2007

Blended Scotch whisky producers are banking on emerging markets to provide the growth to offset flat or declining sales elsewhere but a new report from just-drinks suggests this cannot be expected as a matter of course. Meanwhile, any revival in mature markets will be hard to achieve without fresh thinking about how and to whom blended Scotch is marketed.

UK: Global beverage consumption set to leap - forecast

13 April 2007

Global commercial beverage consumption is set to expand by an impressive 18% over the next six years with all the main drinks categories enjoying volume gains, according to recent research.

Opportunities on offer in Asia Pacific but no easy pickings

14 March 2007

Economic growth and rising personal incomes in the Asia Pacific region may make it an exciting growth area for international brands but the potential for international spirits varies considerably from market to market. Jeremy Cunnington of Euromonitor International assesses the opportunities on offer for premium spirits brands across the region’s key markets.

CHINA: Canny marketing required to win Chinese consumers - research

8 March 2007

If prime target consumers for international spirits in China have as much difficulty telling whisky from Cognac as a recent report suggests, marketers may have to up their game to reap the rewards the mother of all emerging markets has to offer. Ben Cooper reports.

GLOBAL: Malt-based drinks set for healthy growth - research

8 March 2007

Whether marketed as non-alcoholic beers or soft drinks, malt-based beverages are expected to grow as a category in the coming years. While the products are finding increasing acceptance among Muslim countries, Johanna Iivonen of Euromonitor International believes there is significant potential to market them on their health credentials to a wider international audience.

EUROPE: Soft drinks sales post Q4 rise

7 March 2007

Soft drinks volumes in Europe in the last three months of 2006 grew by just under 3%, according to recent research.

CHINA: Spirits slide but promise still glitters - research

6 March 2007

A decline in the core spirits market in Asia should not be seen as a deterrent to international alcoholic drinks companies from entering the market, if the findings of a recent report on the Chinese market for beers, wines and spirits, published by Access Asia, is anything to go by.

GLOBAL: Water set for Asian soft drinks top spot - research

19 February 2007

Asian soft drinks consumption continues to rise, according to recent figures.

RESEARCH: China spirit slide still bodes well for importers

16 February 2007

A decline in the core spirits market in Asia should not be seen as a deterrent to international alcoholic drinks companies from entering the market, if the findings of a recent report on the Chinese market for beers, wines and spirits, published by Access Asia, are anything to go by.

RESEARCH: Health and wellness - you look good, we look good

5 February 2007

Consumer motivations behind the increasing take-up of healthier and functional food and drinks are not just about seeking better health, according to a new report from Business Insights. Moreover, the report points out some striking national variations in the cultural reaction to the health and wellness trend.

RESEARCH: Drinks top loyalty charts

31 January 2007

A new report from Business Insights suggests that alcoholic and soft drinks brands retain the strongest consumer loyalty across all food and drinks sectors, but in today’s highly competitive and commercialised marketplace, brand loyalty is under greater pressure than ever before. Ben Cooper reports.

GLOBAL: 'Diet' to drive CSDs - research

8 January 2007

Low-calorie carbonated soft drinks will be the main driver for growth in CSDs, according to a recent report.

UK: Goldman Sachs raises InBev targets

13 November 2006

Goldman Sachs has raised its price target for the global brewer InBev.

UK: Brits bingeing but overall consumption falling

7 April 2006

The UK has emerged as Europe’s biggest binge drinking nation despite a fall in the total amount of alcohol consumed on a night out.

RESEARCH: Consumer scepticism on the rise

31 March 2006

The UK has become a nation of consumer sceptics, according to recent research. Less than half - 44% - of the UK population trusts nutritional claims made by food and drink companies

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