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The just-drinks interview - September 18 Sep 2006

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Under its dynamic CEO Scott Miller, fruit punch producer Tampico Beverages is building on a loyal and expanding consumer base with new product launches. In this month’s just-drinks interview, Miller discusses the company’s current expansion strategy and aspirations for international growth with Annette Farr.

Wine - does it have to have the bottle? 15 Sep 2006

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There are sound environmental and commercial reasons for increasing the bulk importation of wine into the UK, and producing wine bottles from lighter weight glass. And contrary to some misconceptions, writes Sally Easton, importing wine in bulk need not mean a drop in quality or even a lower image with the consumer.

Soft Drinks - Where does all the water go? 13 Sep 2006

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Water shortages, leaking mains and drought orders have focused attention in recent months on both domestic and business water usage – and more importantly wastage. Kate Gallagher of the government-backed environmental advice organisation Envirowise looks at how UK soft drinks companies can benefit from greater water efficiency.

Comment - soft drinks and flights 11 Sep 2006

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Given the need for hydration during air travel, and the unwelcome effects of in-flight alcohol consumption, Annette Farr believes airlines should be offering a far wider and more exciting soft drinks selection on-board.

Vladivar using music to keep up with big boys 8 Sep 2006

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In a bid to raise its profile with younger urban drinkers, the UK vodka brand Vladivar is looking to assist bands as they seek to make their way in the music business. David Robertson and Ben Cooper report on a marketing initiative which breaks new ground in the already vibrant area of tailored on-premise promotion.

Company Profile - UB's United Spirits 6 Sep 2006

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Having consolidated its spirits operations into one company, UB Group is looking to build on its position of strength in the Indian market and establish itself internationally. Euromonitor International assesses the company’s ambitious expansion plans.

Comment - PepsiCo's new CEO 4 Sep 2006

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PepsiCo has been applauded for appointing Indra Nooyi as the successor to CEO Steve Reinemund. But while the appointment has further enhanced the company’s reputation for gender equality, Chris Brook-Carter believes the positive feedback owes more to Nooyi’s credentials as the best candidate.

The race for Independent Distillers 1 Sep 2006

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Although Lion Nathan has remained coy about its interest in Independent Distillers, it is widely expected to bid for the company. However, Independent’s strong presence in key RTD markets in Australia and New Zealand is likely to attract other bidders. Ben Cooper reports.

The just-drinks interview - August 30 Aug 2006

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Disappointing first-half results following its flotation last December have left Britvic with some questions to answer, not least from investors. But category director Andrew Marsden believes the UK soft drinks producer is well placed to capitalise on changing market trends. He discussed the company’s track record and future prospects with Dean Best.

Comment - Chile reaches for the stars 29 Aug 2006

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The news that a Chilean winery is acquiring a huge amount of land for vineyard cultivation in areas less well known for winegrowing has caught Chris Losh’s attention. But he believes such developments could offer Chile the chance to compete in higher price echelons where it has so far failed to convince.

Soft Drinks - The options opened by organic 25 Aug 2006

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While organic meat and produce are fast becoming mainstream elements in the food market, the organic soft drinks sector has suffered from a lack of new product development and innovation. Annette Farr reports.

Just the Answer - Lion Nathan 23 Aug 2006

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Showing volume growth in an essentially flat market is an achievement but Australian brewing combine Lion Nathan sees the premiumisation of its product mix as the key to growth. Andrew Reeves, managing director of Lion Nathan Australia, spoke with just-drinks about the premiumisation trend, the impact of a new competitor and Lion’s interest in the RTD sector.

Alcohol and the EU - the Finnish presidency 21 Aug 2006

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EU alcohol controls are under review, and there have been concerns that the Finnish presidency could prompt a more draconian approach. Ismo Tuominen, head of alcohol policy at Finland’s ministry of social affairs and health, discussed Finland’s view on EU alcohol policy and its priorities in this area with Alan Osborn.

Comment - The Havana Club War 18 Aug 2006

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With the battle between Pernod Ricard and Bacardi over the name Havana Club entering a new phase following Bacardi’s decision to launch its own rum of the same name in the US, Chris Losh asks whether Bacardi’s move is a legitimate step by a wronged company or a cynical attempt to cash in on another brand’s success.

Trade Fairs - worth the effort? 16 Aug 2006

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Trade shows are so much part of the fabric of the wine business that it is hard to imagine life without them. But Richard Woodard asks if the industry can support such a large number of international fairs and whether they provide true value for money.

Analysis - SABMiller, Coca-Cola Amatil 14 Aug 2006

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A joint venture between SABMiller and Coca-Cola Amatil threatens to upset the Fosters/Lion Nathan duopoly that has prevailed in the Australian beer market for years, writes David Robertson, and may encourage other international brewers to go it alone down under.

South Africa's Wine Industry 11 Aug 2006

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Having over-zealously planted red grape varieties over the past ten years, South Africa now finds itself with a glut of red wine, writes Richard Woodard. Meanwhile, there is insufficient capacity to meet rising demand for white varieties such as Sauvignon Blanc, Chardonnay and even the country’s “workhorse” Chenin Blanc.

World Cup 2006 - How was it for you, Carlsberg? 9 Aug 2006

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The football World Cup arguably represents the ultimate marketing bonanza for brewers but taking full advantage not only involves major investment above and below the line but meticulous preparation and market intelligence. Ben Cooper reports on how Carlsberg UK approached the pinnacle of the sporting calendar.

Comment - soft drinks and the nanny state 7 Aug 2006

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Making soft drinks the scapegoat for rising childhood obesity fails to take account of the contribution soft drinks manufacturers are making to tackle the problem through more socially responsible marketing and the introduction of healthier products, writes Annette Farr. It would be more beneficial to address children’s inactive lifestyles with some old-fashioned common sense.

Tequila in the US 4 Aug 2006

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The US Tequila category continues to show strong growth, while the premium Tequila sector is booming, making it a highly attractive investment opportunity for major spirits companies. Dean Best reports.

Comment - Anheuser-Busch's Mojo 2 Aug 2006

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Having once produced earnings and revenue growth as regularly as clockwork, US brewing giant Anheuser-Busch stuttered last year. But there are signs that the brewer is quickly regaining its touch, writes Chris Brook-Carter.

The just-drinks interview - July 31 Jul 2006

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Much like the product he markets, Cyril Camus - though only 35 - represents a combination of youth and maturity. In this month’s just-drinks interview, the CEO of Camus Cognac talked to Olly Wehring about Cognac’s changing consumer base in China, the challenges of being a one-brand company and Camus’ relationship with the rapping fraternity.

Pernod's Allied brands - one year on 27 Jul 2006

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The announcement of Pernod Ricard’s full-year sales figures this week coincided with the first anniversary of the company’s acquisition of Allied Domecq. Olly Wehring takes a look at the performances of Pernod’s brands – old and new – and looks at what the future holds for them.

Southern Hemisphere Wine Harvest 2006 26 Jul 2006

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In the final of our Southern Hemisphere harvest reports, Dean Best looks at Chile. The country's wine producers are heralding 2006 as an excellent year for both red and white wines, as fears that frosts in the spring and mid-April may have affected quality have subsided.

Innovation in sports drink sector 24 Jul 2006

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As the original functional beverage, sports drinks are riding the wave of the health and wellness boom and consumer interest in good-for-you products, while new ingredients and product variants are further driving this buoyant category. Annette Farr reports.

The rise and rise of cider 21 Jul 2006

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Buoyed by recent growth in the UK, cider producers are eyeing export opportunities but, writes David Robertson, they will be aware that international expansion has proved a difficult challenge for cider brands in the past.

Coke v Pepsi in the Middle East 19 Jul 2006

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Pepsi has progressed in Syria since a ban on its sale was lifted just under a year ago, and in the process has stolen a march on Coca-Cola which was also removed from the blacklist but is yet to capitalise. Paul Cochrane reports from Damascus.

Comment - The Power of Bordeaux 17 Jul 2006

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Bordeaux not only has the most famous, most expensive wines in the world but casts a broad shadow, much to the chagrin of its competitors. Chris Losh sympathises with Bordeaux’s less famous rivals as they struggle for share of voice, thereby demonstrating Bordeaux’s uncanny ability to garner column inches.

Southern Hemisphere Wine Harvest 2006 14 Jul 2006

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Generally favourable climatic conditions, combined with improvements in viticulture, technological investment by wineries and better co-ordination at an industry-wide level, have produced an Argentine wine harvest of unprecedented quality. Olly Wehring reports.

The Irish Whiskey Category 12 Jul 2006

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Pernod Ricard’s Irish whiskey brand Jameson has reached the 2m-case mark but the landscape of the Irish whiskey sector has been transformed by the French company’s decision to sell the Bushmills brand to Diageo last year. Ben Cooper reports.