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I have ordered a research report, how and when will I receive this?

If you paid by credit card you will have immediate access to the ordered report. If you want to pay by cheque or bank transfer then you need to order by proforma invoice. You will have access to your report as soon as we receive payment.

Assuming there are no problems with your payment and you chose the PDF version, it will be available to download from here. If the report is not available in your account area, you will receive the PDF directly from the publisher by email, or a hard copy will be posted to you. If you have any problems with accessing your report, please contact us for help.

How can I obtain a copy of my invoice/receipt?

You can access information about your order in your account area, where you can print a copy of your receipt/invoice.

My credit card expired and I want to renew my membership/purchase research

I've bought a research report; can I give this to my colleagues at work?

It depends on what version of the report you have ordered. We sell two versions of most research reports, single user and multi-user. Only 'multi-user' reports include a license that allows you to share the report with colleagues or store it for others to reference.

If we are being honest we know there is little likelihood of us finding out but if we do find out then your company would be in line for rather a large copyright fine. It's just not worth the few pennies you will save by not buying the multi-user version, this happens more often than you might think.

We can also arrange for companies to receive all research reports we publish in a year for a single, set price. This allows the entire organisation to benefit from our unique research and can often save you money by preventing multiple copies being purchased by different individuals. We can even prevent individuals buying research and direct them instead to your own corporate access area of the site.

Please contact us for help if you would like more information on this service

I'm a student/university/college/library - can I/we get discounted research?

Do I get discounted research if I am a full member?

You will receive an automatically calculated 5% off any research published by, just order your report and we will do the rest. There may be various promotions by other suppliers that we work with, which may carry an offer and/or discount. We will let you know about these on our home page and/or via our monthly research updates.

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I'm very happy with my purchased research, who do I tell?

Anybody who will listen! And us too! Your satisfaction is important to us.

Please email our Research Store department here

I'm not happy with my purchased research, who do I tell?

Us. We understand that sometimes the information you want is remarkably specific. If you are not happy we want to know about it. Our research team will do their best to find the research that you need. We're so confident we will offer you a refund if the report you ordered fails to meet your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

I've found some useful research, but only a chapter or two is applicable to my requirements. Can I buy just the content that I need?

We will try our best to accommodate your needs. Please contact us to discuss.

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