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1 Aug 2013

UK: Pernod Ricard plans Domecq 1820 brandy, Oddka roll-out

James Wilmore

24 May 2013

just the Facts – The Power 100 2013

Olly Wehring

31 Oct 2012

Round-Up - NPD: 2012 - The Year of Oddball Liquor Flavors

Tom Vierhile, innovation insights director at Datamonitor

24 Oct 2012

Product Launch - US: Pernod Ricard's Wyborowa Oddka

Olly Wehring

25 Jul 2012

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard readies Wyborowa relaunch

Olly Wehring

4 Aug 2011

CUBA/FRANCE: Pernod Ricard exec shift sees Havana Club get new MD

Olly Wehring

26 Jul 2010

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard confirms business reshuffle editorial team

26 Jan 2010

US: Pernod Ricard recruits WJ Deutsch for Luksusowa vodka push editorial team

29 Jun 2009

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard announces exec reshuffle editorial team

7 Apr 2009

GLOBAL: Exec run-around at Pernod Ricard editorial team

22 Jan 2009

Preview - Looking ahead but not looking forward to 2009 editorial team

28 Aug 2008

The Losh Cause – Vodka must shift out of neutral

Chris Losh

7 May 2008

The Losh Cause – Fair question

Chris Losh

27 Nov 2007

Pot of Gould – The (brand) name game

Patience Gould

13 Jun 2007

Analysis - Potential bidders weigh up benefits of V&S move

Euromonitor International

9 Nov 2006

UK: UK launch for Wyborowa Exquisite editorial team

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