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17 Jan 2005

INDIA: Whyte & Mackay linked to Shaw Wallace bid editorial team

6 Apr 2004

UK: Whyte & Mackay to launch cocktail RTDs editorial team

5 Dec 2003

INDIA: Absolut to get domestic launch editorial team

7 Nov 2003

UK: Maxxium launches £1.2m Vladivar campaign editorial team

21 Oct 2003

UK: Whyte and Mackay appoints senior managers editorial team

25 Sep 2003

UK: Whyte & Mackay unveils consolidation plans editorial team

22 Aug 2003

Future clouded for Whyte & Mackay editorial team

31 Jul 2003

UK: Kyndal changes name and unveils new strategy editorial team

21 Jul 2003

UK: Kyndal plans sales restructuring editorial team

14 Jul 2003

UK: WestLB chief says Kyndal not for sale editorial team

27 May 2003

UK: Kyndal denies debt is limiting investment editorial team

12 Nov 2002

INDIA: Kyndal to launch Vladivar in India editorial team

1 Oct 2002

Acquisitions will Kyndal fire for growth editorial team

28 May 2002

UK: Maxxium and Kyndal agree end to Jura and Glayva deal editorial team

24 Jan 2002

INDIA: Kyndal to market pre-mixed spirits editorial team

16 Oct 2001

UK: JBB sells Scotch business to management team

Chris Brook-Carter

22 Mar 2001

UK: Vladivar offers sweet and sour pre-mix

Sarah Diston

5 Dec 2000

UK: Vladivar rules Christmas parties

Sarah Diston

7 Nov 2000

USA: UDV's T10 takes limelight in super-premium gin sector

Chris Brook-Carter

27 Jun 2000

UK: Vladivar in Party Mood After Spring Sets Figures Jumping

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