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25 Nov 2009

Product Launch – UK: Les Domaines Paul Mas' Estate Single Vineyard Collection editorial team

4 Aug 2009

The Losh Cause - Small the next big thing in wine?

Chris Losh

28 Jul 2009

FRANCE: Les Domaines Paul Mas adds to Arrogant Frog in UK editorial team

8 May 2009

just-drinks LIWF & Distil 2009 - Diary - 8 May editorial team

12 May 2008

just-drinks LIWF & Distil 2008 - Diary - 12 May editorial team

10 Jul 2007

UK: New Vin de Pays range from Mau editorial team

4 Apr 2007

FRANCE: Table wine body names president

Sophie Kevany

21 Feb 2007

US: Fetzer brings Languedoc wine to US editorial team

18 Jan 2007

FRANCE: National Vin de Pays category formed

Sophie Kevany

15 Aug 2006

FRANCE: Burgundy house unveils Vin de Pays for UK editorial team

3 Jul 2006

The Losh Cause – Bold reform on the way… at last

Chris Losh

11 Nov 2005

FRANCE: Wine co’s push for Vin de Pays France

Stuart Todd

1 Nov 2005

Just the Answer - Christian Delpeuch editorial team

3 Oct 2005

US: North Lake becomes US importer for Rothschild editorial team

20 Jul 2005

FRANCE: 2005 wine harvest forecast announced editorial team

5 Jul 2005

Languedoc braced for more angry protests editorial team

14 Mar 2005

FRANCE: Languedoc winery hit by bomb blast editorial team

1 Feb 2005

Distilling down the problem editorial team

20 Oct 2004

FRANCE: Wine co-ops seek minimum price deal

Stuart Todd

3 Aug 2004

French wines in crisis

Stuart Todd

22 Jul 2004

FRANCE: Government reacts to wine crisis

Stuart Todd

9 Jun 2003

FRANCE: Wine revival plan close to the crush

Chris Brook-Carter

23 Jan 2003

COMMENT: Wine industry faces up to radical change editorial team

12 Mar 2002

French appellation system faces winds of change

Ben Cooper

5 Mar 2002

Taking the grape global

Chris Brook-Carter

19 Jul 2001

Languedoc and the foreign invasion

Andrew Jefford

26 Mar 2001

FRANCE: $1m of damage as French winegrowers riot over prices

Chris Brook-Carter

27 Sep 2000

EC: EC surprise block on Cognac conversion to vin de pays editorial team

21 Jul 2000 interview: Eric Dulong and Bordeaux's mission impossible

Chris Brook-Carter

15 May 2000

Bordeaux : A Downstream Struggle editorial team

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