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26 Jun 2003

UK: Portman Group attacks "Viagra pop" editorial team

12 Jun 2003

COMMENT: Drinks ad regulations draw closer


23 May 2003

UK: Matthew Clark axes Fcuk Spirit editorial team

26 Mar 2003

COMMENT: RTDs stirring young passions


25 Mar 2003

UK: "Viagrapop" drink courts controversy

Ben Cooper

15 Jan 2003

UK: Government urged to defeat binge drinking

Chris Brook-Carter

25 Nov 2002

UK: Portman Group calls for boycott of drink after Conduct breach

Chris Brook-Carter

17 Sep 2002

UK: Watchdog sharpens teeth over drinks marketing editorial team

19 Aug 2002

UK: Portman Group launches anti-drunkeness campaign

Chris Brook-Carter

16 Jul 2001

Spirits producers at watershed in battle for advertising acceptance

Chris Brook-Carter

26 Apr 2001

Not the problem but part of the solution

Ben Cooper

5 Mar 2001

WHO brings self-regulation debate to a head

Ben Cooper

5 Feb 2001

Alcohol industry's hopes up in smoke?

Ben Cooper

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