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16 Apr 2009

UK: Portman Group orders removal of 247 Enterprises' Rampant TT editorial team

13 Mar 2009

just the round-up - The week in drinks editorial team

11 Mar 2009

UK: Portman forces Alcohol Brand’s ‘Baby’ drinks to re-brand editorial team

4 Mar 2009

Comment - BrewDog heads rise of small brewers

Chris Mercer

3 Mar 2009

Focus - Scottish proposals provoke mixed reaction

Ben Cooper

2 Mar 2009

UK: Scotland proposes minimum price for alcohol editorial team

12 Feb 2009

UK: BrewDog drops Portman legal action editorial team

30 Jan 2009

UPDATE UK: Portman Group backs Baroness Coussins in Lords dispute

Chris Mercer

30 Jan 2009

UK: Portman Group defends Baroness Coussins editorial team

28 Jan 2009

UK: Portman Group secures Red Star Plus change editorial team

20 Jan 2009

UK: BrewDog rapped for Speedball beer drug connotations editorial team

23 Dec 2008

UK: BrewDog brewer wins appeal against Portman Group editorial team

5 Dec 2008

just the round-up - The week in drinks editorial team

1 Dec 2008

UK: Drinks industry awaits mandatory code editorial team

1 Dec 2008

UK: Portman Group calls on consumer to complain at Christmas editorial team

13 Oct 2008

UK: Portman Group pulls ShotPak drinks editorial team

22 Sep 2008

UK: BrewDog under fire from Portman Group editorial team

22 Aug 2008

UK: Halewood told to change "badly labelled" Red Square editorial team

25 Jul 2008

UK: Blackout, Mega White cider pulled up on code breach editorial team

24 Jul 2008

Focus - UK lawmakers look to rein in drinks companies

Ben Cooper

22 Jul 2008

UK: UK drinks industry hit by threat of mandatory code editorial team

10 Apr 2008

UK: Coors ends Scottish football shirt branding editorial team

23 Jan 2008

UK: Binge drinking on decline in UK - research editorial team

19 Dec 2007

UK: Responsible drinking message getting through - survey editorial team

17 Dec 2007

UK: Drinking habits to "remain the same" despite survey changes - Portman Group editorial team

21 Nov 2007

UK: PM warns drinks industry to up anti-binge drinking presence editorial team

23 Aug 2007

COMMENT: Action not reaction in UK

Chris Losh

20 Jun 2007

UK: Portman Group moves to stamp out ‘down-in-one’ promotions editorial team

5 Jun 2007

UK: Industry welcomes alcohol strategy review editorial team

4 Jun 2007

UK: Sport shirt ad ban gets industry support editorial team

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