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13 Jan 2011

UK: Portman Group seeking new recruits editorial team

3 Dec 2010

UK: C&C group joins Portman Group editorial team

1 Dec 2010

Comment - UK Alcohol Policy is All Bluff and Bluster editorial team

26 Nov 2010

UK: Portman Group asks consumers to monitor drinks adverts editorial team

5 Aug 2010

Focus - Message on a Bottle: How Drinkaware is Helping Alcohol Education

Ben Cooper

13 Jul 2010

UK: Portman Group offers digital ad training editorial team

9 Jul 2010

UK: Drinks sector split on below-cost sales ban

Chris Mercer

8 Jul 2010

UK: Online drinks adverts face tougher checks

Chris Mercer

11 May 2010

Comment - Portman Group takes a wrong turn

Chris Mercer

11 May 2010

UK: Portman Group clears test-tube drinks editorial team

23 Mar 2010

UK: Portman Group takes action over Yegaar labelling editorial team

9 Feb 2010

UK: Government sets out product placement rules editorial team

5 Feb 2010

UK: Alcohol product placement set for scrapheap editorial team

21 Jan 2010

UK: Portman Group rejects "slur" on drinks industry editorial team

7 Jan 2010

UK: Portman Group urges caution over product placement editorial team

10 Dec 2009

UK: Portman Group bans Cornish cider brand editorial team

3 Dec 2009

UK: Brewdog Tokyo* beer banned by watchdog editorial team

30 Oct 2009

UK: BrewDog buys first pub editorial team

26 Oct 2009

UK: Portman Group publishes digital marketing guidance editorial team

21 Oct 2009

UK: BrewDog welcomes former Skyy Spirits execs, launches share sale editorial team

14 Oct 2009

UK: Future gloom for test-tube drinks? Portman Group rules editorial team

12 Oct 2009

UK: Food Commission calls for tougher advert rules in cinemas editorial team

28 Sep 2009

UK: Portman Group promotes drinks marketing code editorial team

16 Sep 2009

UK: Alcohol debate becoming polarised - trade chief

Chris Mercer

11 Sep 2009

UK: JD Wetherspoon hails real ale revival

Chris Mercer

8 Sep 2009

UK: Doctors call for hardline stance on alcohol editorial team

18 Aug 2009

UK: BrewDog faces Portman Group investigation editorial team

14 Aug 2009

UK: Portman Group appoints external chairman editorial team

4 Jun 2009

just the answer – United Spirits

Chris Mercer

28 May 2009

UK: Portman Group sides with Greene King over "immoderate consumption" claim editorial team

just-drinks tagline

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