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28 Feb 2014

UK: Phusion Projects courts new controversy as Four Loko ruled "irresponsible"

Andy Morton

31 Jan 2014

UK: Sport, music alcohol tie-ups under spotlight with new code

James Wilmore

30 Aug 2013

UK: Most alcohol packaging responsible - Portman Group

Andy Morton

17 Jul 2013

UK: Government drops minimum unit pricing

Olly Wehring

14 Jun 2013

just the Round-Up - The week in drinks

James Wilmore

12 Jun 2013

UK: Alcohol ad ban talk a 'waste of time' - Portman Group

James Wilmore

31 May 2013

UK: Portman Group bans all drinks ads related to sex

James Wilmore

13 May 2013

UK: Portman Group chairman to step down

Andy Morton

29 Apr 2013

Comment - Beer - When Self-Regulation Goes Wrong

Larry Nelson

18 Apr 2013

Industry Engagement on Alcohol Harm & Responsible Consumption - Part IV: The Future for Collaboration

Ben Cooper

11 Jan 2013

UK: Watchdog rejects complaint over Tesco alcohol range

James Wilmore

12 Nov 2012

UK: Producers given six-month deadline for new Portman Group code

James Wilmore

10 Oct 2012

Round-Up -The ICAP 'Global Actions: Initiatives to Reduce Harmful Drinking' Conference - Day II

Ben Cooper

12 Sep 2012

UK: Watchdog rejects complaint over Pernod Ricard's Absolut Vodka bottle designs

James Wilmore

28 Jun 2012

UK: Producers have "way to go" to hit health deal deadline - Portman Group

James Wilmore

26 Jun 2012

UK: Portman Group on hunt for complaints panel chairperson

James Wilmore

22 Jun 2012

UK: Poison Distribution's Dr Von Hyde's falls foul of marketing code

James Wilmore

1 Jun 2012

UK: Brewer falls foul of industry code over Krays Twins pump clip

James Wilmore

30 Apr 2012

Encouraging Responsible Consumption - Part I - An Industry Engaged

Ben Cooper

30 Apr 2012

Encouraging Responsible Consumption - Part III - Non-Branded Industry Messaging, the Drinkaware Model and Social Media

Ben Cooper

19 Jan 2012

Comment - Wine - Losh's Chris-tal Ball

Chris Losh

12 Jan 2012

Focus - Alcohol Consumption Guidelines Under Scrutiny

Ben Cooper

1 Nov 2011

just the Answer - Drinkaware CEO, Chris Sorek

Olly Wehring

14 Oct 2011

UK: Portman Group launches alcohol code review

Chris Mercer

20 Sep 2011

UK: Portman Group appoints CEO

Chris Mercer

17 Jun 2011

UK: Portman Group CEO to leave editorial team

30 Mar 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility – Part I: The UK

Ben Cooper

14 Mar 2011

UK: Health groups shun alcohol responsibility deal editorial team

4 Mar 2011

UK: Portman Group reprimands Asda over Strong Cider editorial team

25 Feb 2011

The Alcohol Debate: From the Other Side – Part IV: Comment: Alcohol Debate Follows an All Too Familiar Pattern

Ben Cooper

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