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8 Aug 2008

just the round-up - the week in drinks editorial team

6 Aug 2008

RUSSIA: Stolichnaya vodka not for sale - SPI

Chris Mercer

4 Aug 2008

RUSSIA: Stolichnaya bid rejected by SPI Group

Chris Mercer

1 Aug 2008

just the round-up - The week in drinks editorial team

29 Jul 2008

RUSSIA: Stolichnaya vodka heading to US buyer? editorial team

24 Jul 2008

UK: Pernod hints at spirits brands sale editorial team

24 Jul 2008

FRANCE: Pernod Ricard closes Vin & Sprit purchase editorial team

18 Jul 2008

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard ordered to sell ahead of V&S purchase closure editorial team

11 Jul 2008

US: Stolichnaya brand extended into blackberry editorial team

20 Jun 2008

just the round-up - The week in drinks editorial team

20 Jun 2008

In the Spotlight - Stolichnaya

Michelle Russell

19 Jun 2008

The just-drinks interview – Patrick Ricard and Pierre Pringuet editorial team

18 Jun 2008

ITALY: Campari ponders spirits acquisitions editorial team

16 Jun 2008

CYPRUS: SPI investigates sale of Stolichnaya editorial team

13 May 2008

GLOBAL: Bacardi slips, Smirnoff holds firm in latestTop 100 brands league editorial team

9 May 2008

Interview - Beam puts Absolut reversal behind it and looks ahead

Olly Wehring

16 Apr 2008

UK: Vin & Sprit defeat keeps Beam Global’s “powder” dry - CEO editorial team

10 Apr 2008

Comment - Whither Stolichnaya…

Patience Gould

3 Apr 2008

GLOBAL: “We did our best" with Stolichnaya – Pernod Ricard editorial team

1 Apr 2008

In the Spotlight - Pernod Ricard, Vin & Sprit - questions, questions

Jessica Harvey

31 Mar 2008

BREAKING NEWS: Pernod Ricard wins race for Vin & Sprit editorial team

15 Feb 2008

RESEARCH - Vodka market set for ultra-premium boost editorial team

17 Dec 2007

UK: Pernod Ricard no nearer to closing Stolichnaya deal editorial team

10 Dec 2007

FRANCE: Pernod stays silent on Ukrainian vodka sale editorial team

1 Oct 2007

FRANCE: Pernod Ricard eyes US expansion editorial team

25 Sep 2007

FRANCE: Pernod calms Stolichnaya deadline claims editorial team

21 Sep 2007

FRANCE: Pernod claims Stolichnaya write-off is 'normal' editorial team

18 Sep 2007

UK: Analyst plumps for Bacardi in race for Vin & Sprit editorial team

17 Sep 2007

US: Fortune confirms V&S Sweden visit editorial team

12 Sep 2007

UK: Pernod quiet on Stolichnaya acquisition battle talk editorial team

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