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11 Feb 2008

TURKEY: Ex-Pernod boss joins Mey Içki board editorial team

11 Jan 2008

UK: Diageo boss becomes Scotch Whisky Association chairman editorial team

4 Jan 2008

UK: Edrington Group chairman awarded knighthood editorial team

3 Jan 2008

UK: UK Gov’t prepares Scotch whisky regulation update editorial team

18 Dec 2007

EUROPE: Spirits labelling changes become law editorial team

18 Dec 2007

Spotlight - Forging ahead: Spirits counterfeiting in China

Dominique Patton

28 Nov 2007

INDIA: Khoday persists with Scotch trademark appeal editorial team

19 Oct 2007

INDIA: Maharashtra mulls lowering imported spirit duty

Kevin Jacobs

11 Oct 2007

UK: Whisky definition proposals draw Scotch attack editorial team

8 Oct 2007

UK: Scotch Whisky Association trumpets Scotch legislation move editorial team

8 Oct 2007

UK: Government to get tough on Scotch whisky definitions editorial team

26 Sep 2007

BELGIUM: Whisky industry welcomes 'set-aside' payment dismissal

Keith Nuthall

11 Sep 2007

UK: Interest in Scotch innovation working party grows editorial team

16 Jul 2007

INDIA: States restart spirit tax bunfight editorial team

16 Jul 2007

EUROPE: EU suspends India WTO panel editorial team

4 Jul 2007

UK: SWA welcomes India imported tax decision editorial team

21 Jun 2007

EU: MEPs vote for tighter rules on whisky production editorial team

7 Jun 2007

CHINA: 'Scotch whisky' set to get origin recognition editorial team

24 May 2007

UK: Spirits trade asked to “pull the dogs off” India editorial team

22 May 2007

Pot of Gould – Mallya’s Scottish prize

Patience Gould

16 May 2007

UK: SWA hoping to “work closely” with UB Group editorial team

11 May 2007

UK: SWA cheers EC bottle size decision editorial team

25 Apr 2007

GLOBAL: WTO caves to EU India excise demands editorial team

19 Apr 2007

Review - World Whiskies Conference 2007

Chris Brook-Carter

17 Apr 2007

UK: United Spirits calls for whisky deregulation editorial team

4 Apr 2007

GLOBAL: Europe tempers record year for Scotch - figures editorial team

27 Mar 2007

EU/INDIA: EU formally urges WTO action on Indian tariffs editorial team

21 Mar 2007

UK: Beer, wine duty up; spirits frozen editorial team

12 Mar 2007

UK/INDIA: SWA unconvinced at Indian compromise call editorial team

12 Mar 2007

UK/CANADA: SWA launches appeal in Canada row editorial team

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