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23 Apr 2004

CHINA: Harbin Brewery Group on acquisition trail editorial team

22 Apr 2004

POLAND: EU accession scares brewers editorial team

22 Apr 2004

CHINA: Harbin reverses H1 loss in 2003 full year editorial team

8 Apr 2004

SOUTH AFRICA: Heineken, Diageo, NBL JV finalised editorial team

7 Apr 2004

S AFRICA: Companies move on black empowerment editorial team

1 Apr 2004

UK: SABMiller looks for $750m loan editorial team

25 Mar 2004

UK: Banks up SABMiller rating editorial team

24 Mar 2004

CHINA: Sichuan Blue Sword buys stake in hop giant editorial team

23 Mar 2004

UK: SABMiller volumes up 3% in 11 months editorial team

23 Mar 2004

HONG KONG: 29% stake in Harbin Brewery to be sold editorial team

22 Mar 2004

HONG KONG: Harbin trading suspended editorial team

18 Mar 2004

UK: SABMiller agrees $46m African joint ventures editorial team

9 Mar 2004

CHINA: SABMiller JV acquires Chinese brewer stake editorial team

8 Mar 2004

SOUTH AFRICA: Diageo, Heineken, NBL JV approved editorial team

2 Mar 2004

Interbrew plays at empire building editorial team

2 Mar 2004

US: A-B adds new flavour to Bacardi Silver range editorial team

1 Mar 2004

UK: SABMiller rating shifted editorial team

19 Feb 2004

BOSNIA: Top brewers head Bosnian acquisition list editorial team

26 Jan 2004

SWITZERLAND: SABMiller warns on China and Germany editorial team

21 Jan 2004

RUSSIA: SABMiller plans Russian Urquell production

Chris Brook-Carter

20 Jan 2004

2004 - Absolutely, definitely might be a good year for beer editorial team

20 Jan 2004

GERMANY: Brau und Brunnen attractive to buyers editorial team

19 Jan 2004

GERMANY: Brau und Brunnen looks for acquisitions editorial team

13 Jan 2004

SOUTH AFRICA: SAB Miller on target for Q3 editorial team

12 Jan 2004

ITALY: Heineken to produce and distribute Budweiser editorial team

22 Dec 2003

2003 - a drinks year in review

Chris Brook-Carter

16 Dec 2003

Froggatt aims to take S&N through the pain barrier editorial team

27 Nov 2003

US: Alcohol industry hit by 'underage' lawsuit editorial team

26 Nov 2003

UK: SABMiller target price raised editorial team

25 Nov 2003

SABMiller results support long term view editorial team

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