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11 Mar 2014

JAPAN/INDIA: Suntory Holdings silent on fresh report of Radico Khaitan stake

Andy Morton

29 Oct 2013

just Five Years Ago: Diageo eyes stake in United Spirits

James Wilmore

22 Oct 2013

INDIA: Radico Khaitan to seek foreign funds for IMFL subsidiary

James Wilmore

3 Sep 2013

JAPAN/INDIA: Suntory Holdings silent on Radico Khaitan stake reports

Andy Morton

26 Feb 2013

INDIA: Radico Khaitan sees COO head to Jagatjit Industries

Olly Wehring

22 Jan 2013

Comment - Spirits - Vodka Can Go Far

Chris Mercer

18 Sep 2012

Comment - Wehring's Way: Diageo and Speculationzzz...

Olly Wehring

7 Jun 2012

INDIA - Radico Khaitan withdraws from Diageo JV

Olly Wehring

6 Jun 2012

INDIA/JAPAN: Suntory targets India with Narang JV move

Wang Fangqing

9 Feb 2012

INDIA/UK: Diageo open to M&A opportunities in India

Olly Wehring

8 Feb 2012

INDIA: Radico Khaitan toasts the future on nine-month rise

Chris Mercer

22 Dec 2011

Product Launch - INDIA: Radico Khaitan's After Dark

Olly Wehring

9 Nov 2011

INDIA: Premium spirits fuel Radico Khaitan in H1

Chris Mercer

18 Oct 2011

The Wehring Interview - Diageo Asia Pacific president, Gilbert Ghostine - Part I

Olly Wehring

23 Sep 2011

just The Round-Up - The week in drinks

Olly Wehring

21 Sep 2011

INDIA: Diageo calls time on Radico Khaitan JV

Olly Wehring

7 Sep 2011

INDIA: Diageo silent on Indian whisk(e)y move

Chris Mercer

8 Aug 2011

INDIA: Diageo ends Sun Tan Trading Co distribution deal

Chris Mercer

25 Jul 2011

INDIA: Radico Khaitan redeems foreign exchange bonds

Chris Mercer

14 Jul 2011

INDIA: Diageo confident of driving India sales editorial team

12 Apr 2011

INDIA: Diageo not drawn on Mohan Meakin meeting claims editorial team

7 Apr 2011

INDIA: Radico Khaitan signs Suntory deal editorial team

1 Feb 2011

INDIA: Radico Khaitan's Q3 profits leap editorial team

22 Dec 2010

INDIA: NV Group to launch Sobieski vodka in 2011

Mini Pant Zachariah

22 Dec 2010

INDIA: Radico Khaitan closes in on JV deals - report editorial team

5 Nov 2010

just the Round-Up - The week in drinks editorial team

2 Nov 2010

INDIA: Radico Khaitan seeks international drinks partners editorial team

25 Aug 2010

just the Preview - Diageo's Q4 and FY editorial team

2 Aug 2010

INDIA: Tax dulls Globus Spirits Q1 sales rise editorial team

28 Jul 2010

INDIA: Radico Khaitan toasts strong Q1 editorial team



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