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Editor's Viewpoint - Spirits in China: The Blip is Here to Stay

17 April 2014

I'm calling it, people. Today is the day that I feel confident enough to conclude that the China 'crisis' is not a blip.

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard's St Hugo Vetus Purum range

16 April 2014

Pernod Ricard has announced details of a new "super-premium" range being launched under its Australian wine label St Hugo.

Editor's Viewpoint - Appointing a CEO: Age Ain't Nothin' But a Number

14 April 2014

How long is a satisfactory term for a CEO? Of course, there's two answers to this question: One if the company is publicly-listed, the other if it's a privately-held firm. Then, of course, there is the small matter of how the company – irrespective of ownership structure – is performing.

GLOBAL: International Center for Alcohol Policies, Global Alcohol Producers Group to merge

11 April 2014

The International Center for Alcohol Policies and the Global Alcohol Producers Group have agreed to amalgamate their operations.

IRELAND/UK: Whiskey producers launch Irish Whiskey Association

9 April 2014

A new trade body has been established to promote the interests of the fast-growing Irish whiskey sector.

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard takes Our/Vodka to 11 new cities

3 April 2014

Pernod Ricard is expanding its Our/Vodka concept as it attempts to tap into global demand for local craft spirits.

US: Century Council becomes FARR in bid to tackle alcohol-related issues

31 March 2014

An industry-funded US group aimed at tackling drink-driving and underage drinking has been renamed as part of a “bold” plan to increase awareness of the issues.

Product Launch - UK: Pernod Ricard's Perrier-Jouët Belle Epoque Edition Première 2007

24 March 2014

Pernod Ricard has lined up the launch of a Spring-themed brand extension for its Perrier-Jouët Champagne brand.

UK: Pernod Ricard admits "inconsistent" pricing on Plymouth Gin

18 March 2014

Pernod Ricard has said its Plymouth Gin brand is back on track after fixing a pricing issue that saw it “competing against different brands in different markets”.

EUROPE: Pernod Ricard issues EUR850m bond

14 March 2014

Pernod Ricard has completed the sale of a bond that will net the company EUR850m (US$1.18bn).

TRAVEL RETAIL: Pernod Ricard unveils Heathrow push for Plymouth Gin

13 March 2014

Pernod Ricard has secured a new Travel Retail listing for Plymouth Gin, bringing the super-premium brand into Terminal 5 at London's Heathrow Airport.

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard reveals SWA role in Ballantine's Brasil launch

11 March 2014

Pernod Ricard's Ballantine's brand worked “hand in glove” with the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) over its newly-launched Brasil variant, one of the first Scotch-based 'spirit drinks' from a major distiller.

Product Launch - AMERICAS: Pernod Ricard's Absolut Karnival

7 March 2014

Pernod Ricard has launched its latest Absolut variant in time for Carnival celebrations across the Americas.

Analysis - Brown-Forman: Because They're Happy

6 March 2014

The future looks bright for most international brown spirits companies, but few appear to be in quite as good a shape as Brown-Forman.

Product Launch - FRANCE: Pernod Ricard's Tormore 14 Year Old, 16 Year Old

6 March 2014

Chivas Brothers, the Scotch whisky and premium gin division of Pernod Ricard, has launched Tormore 14 Year Old and Tormore 16 Year Old in France.

TRAVEL RETAIL: Pernod Ricard sets up The Glenlivet Taiwan snooker stand

5 March 2014

Pernod Ricard is running an “out-of-store brand space” in Taiwan's Taoyuan international airport for its The Glenlivet single malt Scotch whisky brand.

Comment - Spirits - Scottish Independence: It's Time to Speak

4 March 2014

It is almost six months until Scotland decides. Will the country vote for independence from the UK on 18 September? Ian Buxton has a few thoughts on the matter, and he's surprised that the Scotch whisky industry doesn't appear to have any.

ASIA: Pernod Ricard extends St Hugo push to Travel Retail

4 March 2014

Pernod Ricard has rolled out a new campaign for its St Hugo wine portfolio to Asia Travel Retail.

Editor's Viewpoint - Scottish Independence - It's Okay to Have an Opinion

27 February 2014

On Thursday 18 September, the residents of Scotland will take to the polls to consider a question, their answer to which could have huge repercussions: "Should Scotland be an independent country?"

UK: "Clarity" needed on Scottish independence as whisky industry stays neutral

27 February 2014

The trade body for the Scotch whisky industry has called for “clarity” ahead of the independence referendum in Scotland later this year, with three major whisky producers declining to join either the 'yes' or 'no' camp.

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard revamps Havana Club 15 bottle

26 February 2014

Pernod Ricard is to update the packaging for the 15-year-old expression of its Havana Club brand.

AUSTRALIA: Pernod Ricard teams with Baz Luhrmann for Absolut Oz

25 February 2014

Pernod Ricard has recruited film director Baz Luhrmann to design a limited edition, Australia-themed bottle for a spiced orange-flavoured variant of its Absolut vodka brand.

Editor's Viewpoint - Pernod Ricard: What Time Do You Call This?

18 February 2014

For as long as I've known the firm, Pernod Ricard has always carried itself with an air of Gallic insouciance:

just On Call - Pernod Ricard upbeat on Martell, cool on Whyte & Mackay

18 February 2014

Pernod Ricard maintains that the reliance of its Martell Cognac brand on the Chinese market is not a concern, despite a marked fall in the brand's performance there in the company's fiscal first half.

just the Answer: Pernod Ricard's head of digital, Antonia McCahon

14 February 2014

Antonia McCahon has been Pernod Ricard's head of digital for four-and-a-half months, taking on the newly-created post after working with a range of consumer goods companies. just-drinks caught up with the Australian at Pernod's innovation day in Paris late last month.

Analysis - Pernod Ricard's Jameson, Martell opportunity

14 February 2014

We all know by now that, if you're working for an international spirits company and the Chinese market is a big deal for you, then you haven't been sleeping too well for the past year or so.

Focus - Pernod Ricard's H1 performance by region and brand

13 February 2014

Today, Pernod Ricard released its half-year results, which showed single-digit drops in sales and net profits. Here is a closer look at the company's performance by region and by brand.

FRANCE: Pernod Ricard sees H1 profits slip as China woes remain

13 February 2014

Pernod Ricard has reported a slide in first-half net profits and sales as on-going pressures in China continue.

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard readies Aberlour push

12 February 2014

Pernod Ricard's Chivas Brothers division has lined up a new look and global marketing push for the Aberlour single malt Scotch whisky brand.

GLOBAL: Pernod Ricard's Ballantine's links with music streaming website - video

11 February 2014

Pernod Ricard has agreed a global tie-up with music event streaming website Boiler Room for its Scotch whisky brand Ballantine’s.







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