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The post-Brexit winners and losers - Analysis

The markets have had the weekend to digest the possible implications of the UK's decision to leave the EU. Here is a summation of what the a...

Is there a future for the global beer brand?

Can you think of a global beer brand? One that is not hamstrung by being limited to certain regions? It's not easy. Indeed, Stephen Beaumont...

Lucy Britner | 13 Jun 2016

In November last year, Molson Coors confirmed its intention to buy out SABMiller from the MillerCoors US joint venture for US$12bn.

Olly Wehring | 2 Jun 2016

Earlier this week, Chicago-based market research firm IRI released a list of the biggest craft beer brands in the US off-premise. Here, for the 12 months to 15 May, is the top 20.

Stephen Beaumont | 10 May 2016

This month, we welcome a new beer commentator to just-drinks. In his first outing, Stephen Beaumont considers whether Asia's brewers are best placed to feast on the scraps from Anheuser-Busch InBev's table as it devours SABMiller.

Andy Morton | 3 Mar 2016

The first round of musical chairs sparked by Anheuser-Busch InBev's takeover of SABMiller is nearing its end.

Latest Interviews

Andy Morton | 9 Jun 2014

Keith Villa is the founder and head brewmaster of MillerCoors-owned Blue Moon Brewing Company, creator of the Belgium-style Blue Moon beer. During his visit to London last week, just-drinks sat down with the doctor of brewing to discuss quality issues in craft beer and what motivates him to experiment with bacon, peanut butter and chocolate. Villa also made clear why he considers Blue Moon a craft beer despite its corporate owners.

James Wilmore | 18 Feb 2014

Last week, MillerCoors unveiled the biggest brand launch in its five-and-a-half year history: Miller Fortune, a beer designed to take on the spirits market. But, how will this strategy play out, and what else does the brewing JV have in store to rescue its flagging volumes? Here, in the first part of an exclusive two-part interview just-drinks deputy editor James Wilmore tackles the US firm's sales president, Ed McBrien.

Latest News

Andy Morton | 29 Jun 2016

Molson Coors is to raise US$6.8bn in a bond sale to help fund its purchase of MillerCoors.

Andy Morton | 15 Jun 2016

The US's top brewery workers union has accused MillerCoors of shutting down its Eden brewery in North Carolina to stop it falling into a rival's hands.

Olly Wehring | 8 Jun 2016

Dutch brewer Bavaria has selected the UK unit of Molson Coors to handle the sales, marketing and distribution of most of its portfolio in the country.

Andy Morton | 2 Jun 2016

Heineken's new partner Lagunitas has seen seen sales soar in the past year as craft beer connected to mainstream breweries outpaced independent rivals, new IRI off-trade figures show.

Andy Morton | 2 Jun 2016

Molson Coors has launched a 4% Staropramen beer exclusively into the UK on-trade.

Olly Wehring | 1 Jun 2016

Canada is the latest country to approve Anheuser-Busch InBev’s takeover of SABMiller, as well as Molson Coors’ proposed buyout of SAB’s stake in the MillerCoors joint-venture in North America.

Lucy Britner | 20 May 2016

Molson Coors's Canadian craft division has purchased a minority stake in craft brewer Brasseur de Montréal.

Lucy Britner | 16 May 2016

Pabst Brewing Co has filed a lawsuit against MillerCoors, claiming that the SABMiller/Molson Coors JV is attempting to "sabotage Pabst's ability to compete" by hiking up contract brewing prices.

Lucy Britner | 10 May 2016

Molson Coors's UK craft unit Sharp's has launched its Sea Fury brand in bottles, to the country's off-trade. 

Andy Morton | 4 May 2016

Molson Coors's CEO Mark Hunter has said that gaining full control of Miller Lite will offer a "great backbone" of international brands as he looks to scale up overseas operations.

Andy Morton | 3 May 2016

Molson Coors's profits almost doubled in the first quarter of the year, thanks primarily to the sale of its Vancouver brewery.

Olly Wehring | 29 Apr 2016

Competitive issues among the world's larger brewers may result in a private equity company leading the race for SABMiller's assets in Central & Eastern Europe, an analyst has told just-drinks.

Andy Morton | 27 Apr 2016

Molson Coors has launched a range of Rekorderlig cocktails, the cider brand's first new products since the global brewer acquired its UK and Ireland rights.

Lucy Britner | 13 Apr 2016

Molson Coors has completed the sale of its Vancouver Brewery, to real estate investment firm Concord Pacific.

Lucy Britner | 8 Apr 2016

Molson Coors Canada has expanded the Canadian version of the Blue Moon beer brand into the country's off-trade. 

Andy Morton | 1 Apr 2016

Molson Coors is attempting to kick-start the alcoholic soda category in Canada with the launch of a hard root beer and ginger lager under its Mad Jack brand.

Olly Wehring | 1 Apr 2016

Molson Coors has poached Beam Suntory's CFO, Mauricio Restrepo, to assume the same position for the brewer.

Lucy Britner | 17 Mar 2016

MillerCoors has launched a new campaign for Blue Moon beer as part of its "biggest re-brand in 20 years". 

Olly Wehring | 16 Mar 2016

MillerCoors has lined up an addition to its Coors Peak beer brand in the US.

Lucy Britner | 26 Feb 2016

Molson Coors Canada has launched a limited edition beer from an old recipe, in order to celebrate 230 years of brewing. 

Lucy Britner | 22 Feb 2016

Molson Coors has launched a new packaging design for the Grolsch brand, in an effort to connect with "modern Grolsch drinkers". 

Olly Wehring | 12 Feb 2016

MillerCoors has seen the latter part of 2015 pull on its full-year bottom line, with one-offs in the fourth quarter hitting profits.

Latest blogs

James Wilmore | 2 Jul 2014

I predicted that the Molson Canadian beer fridge marketing concept had legs - and so it is proving.

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