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28 Jan 2008

US: Jameson, Heineken team up for St Paddy’s Day editorial team

30 Oct 2007

FRANCE: Pernod credits “emerging markets” for Q1 growth editorial team

19 Oct 2007

IRELAND: Jameson launches Rarest Vintage Reserve editorial team

21 Sep 2007

UK: Pernod Ricard posts record sales for Jameson's

Sophie Kevany

11 Sep 2007

The just-drinks interview - Cooley Distillery

Olly Wehring

11 Sep 2007

US: Pernod Ricard gears up for the holiday season editorial team

31 May 2007

The just-drinks interview – Brian Walsh

Olly Wehring

10 May 2007

Spotlight - Whisky from the Land of the Rising Sun

Marcin Miller

19 Apr 2007

Review - World Whiskies Conference 2007

Chris Brook-Carter

11 Apr 2007

IRELAND: Jameson gets travel retail ad push editorial team

8 Mar 2007

FRANCE: Spirited growth buoys upbeat Pernod editorial team

25 Jan 2007

FRANCE: Bullish Pernod ups sales forecast editorial team

7 Dec 2006

GLOBAL: Ballantine's arrival prompts Jameson price hike editorial team

15 Nov 2006

CANADA: Tia Maria sale boosts Corby Q3 leap editorial team

26 Oct 2006

FRANCE: Pernod's spirits lifted during mixed quarter editorial team

11 Oct 2006

US: Pernod unveils holiday offerings editorial team

2 Oct 2006

CANADA: Pernod and Corby complete deal editorial team

21 Sep 2006

FRANCE: Asia, Americas drive Pernod profits editorial team

1 Sep 2006

CANADA: Corby, Pernod deal set to be sealed editorial team

27 Jul 2006

FRANCE: Pernod FY sales leap, Allied showing mixed editorial team

12 Jul 2006

Competition hots up in Irish whiskey editorial team

30 Jun 2006

CANADA: Corby, Pernod deal faces delay editorial team

19 Jun 2006

FRANCE: Pernod sees Jameson hit 2m-case mark editorial team

11 May 2006

FRANCE: Spirits drive Pernod sales growth editorial team

15 Nov 2005

Walsh looks for disciplined acquisition strategy editorial team

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