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Suntory may have a clear run at Beam IncAnalysis - Rival bids for Beam Inc unlikely

13 January 2014

Suntory's proposed US$16bn takeover of Beam Inc is the first publicly-acknowledged attempt to buy the pure-play spirits company since it was formed out of Fortune Brands in 2011. But will it be the first and only chapter in this story?

In the Spotlight - Diageo's Whyte & Mackay Offer Heads Off UK Watchdogs

29 November 2013

One of the spirits industry's longer-running sagas gained an extra chapter this week when Diageo announced that it is willing to sell off a large chunk of Whyte & Mackay (W&M).

Analysis - Beam Inc offers Pernod Ricard "strategic appeal"

7 June 2013

Beam Inc will become an easier acquisition target from September this year, with Pernod Ricard the likely front-runner as a buyer, according to an analyst.

just Five Years Ago: Beam keeps powder dry after losing race for Absolut

17 April 2013

It was five years ago this week that Beam Global Spirits & Wine – as Beam Inc was then known – started to come to terms with Pernod Ricard's last-minute grab of takeover target Vin & Sprit and the Absolut vodka brand at the end of March, 2008.

Comment - Spirits - Pernod Ricard and Absolut: Five Years On

2 April 2013

This weekend marked the fifth anniversary of Pernod Ricard's acquisition of Vin & Sprit and the Absolut vodka brand. A lot has changed since those heady days of 2008, so how does the race for - and purchase of - V&S look today? Chris Mercer takes a closer look.

Focus - Coca-Cola Amatil's FY Performance by Region, Sector

19 February 2013

Today (19 February), Coca-Cola Amatil reported its full-year results, revealing a 22% drop in net profits as its packaged food unit SPC Ardmona suffered costs and write-downs.

UK: Pernod Ricard to build Beefeater visitor centre

6 February 2013

Pernod Ricard is set to start work on a visitor centre at its Beefeater distillery in London.

Comment - Wehring's Way - Diageo Keen on Beam? Not Right Now

9 December 2012

Hats off the Sunday Telegraph for breaking the story today (9 December) that Diageo has been sniffing around Beam Inc.

UK: Diageo, Suntory mull move for Beam Inc - report

9 December 2012

A report in a UK newspaper today (9 December) has claimed that Diageo and Suntory held talks earlier this year with a view to making a move for Beam Inc.

US: Beam opens global research centre to boost new products

4 October 2012

Beam Inc has opened an innovation centre as it targets achieving a quarter of its annual sales growth from new products.

A Word with Wilmore - Beam Inc EMEA president Albert Baladi - Part I

2 October 2012

It's nearly a year to the day that Beam Inc was officially born, making it the world's only publicly-listed pure-play spirits company. Progress so far has been solid and instrumental in that has been the group's well-travelled Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) chief, Albert Baladi. Just-drinks caught up with the softly-spoken Baladi during a recent visit to London.

US: Bourbon, Skinnygirl sales boost Beam's H1 profits

2 August 2012

Beam Inc has reported a double-digit jump in first-half profits driven by demand for its Bourbon brands and the Skinnygirl range.

US: Beam Inc hails "strong start" to 2012 as profits jump in Q1

3 May 2012

Beam Inc has posted a good start to the year, with sales and profits performing strongly in the first three months of 2011.

just On Call - Buoyant Beam Inc to invest behind Bourbon boom

3 February 2012

Beam Inc expects Bourbon sales to continue heading north and is planning to invest in infrastructure to support growth.

US: Beam Inc targets innovation for 2012 as FY figures shine

3 February 2012

Beam Inc has said that it expects more sales and profits gains in its first full-year as an independent company, after reporting a strong overall performance in 2011.

just the Preview – Beam Inc Q4 & FY

1 February 2012

Beam Inc is set to release its Q4 and full-year results on Friday (3 February). Below, we take a look at the highs and lows for the company in the three months to the end of December.

US: Beam Inc raises dividend

27 January 2012

Beam Inc has said it will hand more money back to shareholders via a company dividend, adding to signs that the group is poised to report solid full-year trading.

IRELAND: Beam Inc completes Cooley Distillery buy

17 January 2012

Beam Inc has closed its acquisition of Cooley Distillery and has already earmarked the firm's Kilbeggan brand as a potential vehicle for capitalising on strong demand for Irish whiskey.

Review of the Year 2011 - Spirits

22 December 2011

Part three of our final management briefing of the year looks back at how 2011 has treated the spirits industry.

Comment – Beam Cooley buy gives Diageo, Pernod Ricard further hurdle to cross

19 December 2011

Even before Fortune Brands switched to become solely a spirits player, divesting itself of its golf and home & security divisions earlier this year, the US company seemed quite proud of not behaving like a potential takeover target.

MEXICO/US: Beam boils Mexico distribution down to La Madrilena

7 November 2011

Beam has announced plans to consolidate its distribution network in Mexico.

US: Beam Inc upbeat on first results showing

3 November 2011

Newly-independent Beam Inc has said that it expects full-year profits to be at the high end of its guidance, backed by higher sales for the first nine months of 2011.

US: Beam Inc arranges EMEA region into three 'clusters'

25 October 2011

Beam Inc has realigned its commercial structure in the Europe/Middle East/Africa (EMEA) region.

US: Beam Inc to pay off debt tranche

7 October 2011

Beam Inc will pay off US$400m of debt thanks to a windfall received following the break-up of Fortune Brands.

FRANCE: Ratings agencies move Pernod Ricard upwards

5 October 2011

Standard & Poor's has joined Moodys in nudging Pernod Ricard into investment grade territory, but only on the proviso that the French drinks giant does not loosen its purse strings for a big acquisition.

US: Beam Inc born as sale talk swirls

4 October 2011

Beam Inc has begun life as a standalone spirits company, but many analysts believe that it is a case of when, not if, the Jim Beam Bourbon producer is bought.

just The Facts - Beam Global Spirits & Wine Performance

4 October 2011

Fortune Brands has turned itself into a standalone spirits company named Beam Inc. Here, just-drinks brings you stats on the company's sales and profits for wine and spirits since 2003.

In the Spotlight - PepsiCo puts North America back on the agenda

30 September 2011

Two major US announcements from PepsiCo in the last few weeks have set tongues wagging in the industry as to the motivation behind the decisions and what the firm's next move might be.

AUS: Coca-Cola Amatil upbeat on SABMiller Foster's buy

23 September 2011

The head of Coca-Cola Amatil (CCA) has hailed SABMiller's takeover agreement with Foster's as "a great deal" for the company.

US: Fortune Brands prepares for Beam Inc with board additions

2 September 2011

Fortune Brands has further primed itself for its move to Beam Inc with the appointment of two additional board directors.







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