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7 Jul 2009

GLOBAL: Danone launches Evian advert campaign editorial team

16 Jun 2009

Focus - UK soft drinks sector puts sustainability centre stage

Annette Farr

2 Jun 2009

US: Danone Waters appoints vice presidents editorial team

16 Apr 2009

FRANCE: Bottled water slip blackens Danone Q1 sales rise editorial team

23 Mar 2009

UK: Bottled water will spring back to growth in 2010 - research editorial team

17 Feb 2009

Focus - Troubled waters for bottled water?

Annette Farr

16 Feb 2009

UK: Danone moves to recycled plastic for Evian, Volvic editorial team

13 Feb 2009

COMMENT: Danone still in troubled waters

Chris Mercer

6 Jan 2009

Focus - Soft drinks: New products target the recovering market

Annette Farr

3 Dec 2008

Focus - Leading water brands hit by credit crunch

Euromonitor International

21 Nov 2008

US: Coca-Cola and Island Hospitality sign drinks deal editorial team

12 Nov 2008

UK: Coca-Cola GB to buy Abbey Well water editorial team

6 Nov 2008

FRANCE: Groupe Danone confident on 2009 editorial team

27 Oct 2008

COMMENT: Bottled water hit by the crunch editorial team

25 Sep 2008

Focus - Leading bottled water groups respond to pressure

Ben Cooper

5 Sep 2008

Research - Juices and water to lead growth in Middle East

Euromonitor International

29 Aug 2008

UK: Bottled water makers unite to form lobby group editorial team

24 Jul 2008

UK: Consumers' thirst for bottled water drying up - research editorial team

8 Jul 2008

Focus - UK consumers continue to take to the (water) bottle

Annette Farr

1 May 2008

FRANCE: Groupe Danone confirms targets for 2008 editorial team

23 Apr 2008

US: Evian expands sustainable development strategy editorial team

15 Apr 2008

FRANCE: Danone CFO joins exec committee editorial team

14 Apr 2008

FRANCE: Groupe Danone deliver Q1 sales lift editorial team

1 Apr 2008

US: Evian official sponsor of US Tennis Open editorial team

12 Mar 2008

US: Danone readies luxury Evian shopping website editorial team

15 Jan 2008

A view from A Farr - Soft drinks tap into January detox

Annette Farr

22 Nov 2007

Comment - Eau à la carte points way for bottled water market

Annette Farr

8 Nov 2007

CANADA: Evian launches Christian Lacroix designer bottle editorial team

17 Oct 2007

GLOBAL: Danone sees Wahaha hammer Q3 sales editorial team

9 Aug 2007

The View from A Farr – Water hero!

Annette Farr

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