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AB InBev and SABMiller - The birth of MegaBrew

Finally, the moment everyone in the brewing universe has been waiting for has arrived, not with a thunderclap or volcanic eruption or herald...

Anheuser-Busch InBev, SABMiller The End of History

Everyone in the brewing industry has an opinion on whether Anheuser-Busch InBev is set to acquire SABMiller. And here's Larry Nelson's....

James Wilmore | 19 Dec 2013

Graham Mackay, who died yesterday aged 64, leaves behind an impressive legacy at the company he joined 35 years ago, then called South African Breweries Ltd.

Larry Nelson | 6 Mar 2013

This month, Larry Nelson is starting the celebration of the Reinheitsgebot a little early. Looking back, however, has prompted Larry to look forward and ask; what future for the ancient beer law?

Andy Morton | 11 Feb 2013

Heineken is set to release its fourth-quarter trading update on Wednesday (13 February). Below, we take a look at the highs and lows for the company in the three months to the end of December and performances in recent quarters.

Pete Brown | 14 Aug 2012

Big companies draping their names over an event through sponsorship does not necessarily hold sway over increasingly savvy consumers, argues Hackney-dwelling Pete Brown. These days people want something in return.

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Olly Wehring | 8 Jan 2013

Last year, just-drinks travelled to the US to report on Diageo's investor conference. The subject of the presentations was the company's hopes and plans for the Latin America & Caribbean region. While there, just-drinks' managing editor, Olly Wehring sat down with regional president Randy Millian, to discuss the region, as well Diageo's distribution presence, the battle with brewers and the looming shadow of Brazil.

Dean Best | 17 Apr 2007

Nils S. Andersen has overseen something of a turnaround at Carlsberg since taking over as president and CEO in 1999 but he is determined to keep his and the company’s feet on the ground. Dean Best met him at Carlsberg’s HQ near Copenhagen to discuss the brewer’s recent achievements and plans for the future.

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Olly Wehring | 26 Jun 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Olly Wehring | 24 Jun 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Olly Wehring | 5 Jun 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Olly Wehring | 26 Feb 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Olly Wehring | 18 Feb 2015

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Olly Wehring | 18 Dec 2014

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Olly Wehring | 1 Oct 2014

Here's a look at what was happening on this day in...

Olly Wehring | 26 Aug 2014

Beam Suntory has tempted Mauricio Restrepo from SABMiller to become its next CFO.

Stuart Todd | 19 Aug 2014

Dutch brewers, Heineken and Bavaria, are continuing to see their export traffic delayed as a result of congestion issues at Europe's largest port, the Port of Rotterdam.

Andy Morton | 5 Dec 2013

Germany's medieval beer purity law may soon be classed alongside Angkor Wat and the Pyramids at Giza.

James Wilmore | 9 Sep 2013

SABMiller has appointed a new president of its Colombian brewing subsidiary, Bavaria.

Andy Morton | 7 Aug 2013

Dutch brewer Bavaria has launched two radlers on to the UK market, its first 2% radler releases in the country.

Andy Morton | 1 Aug 2013

Distell has appointed a new group managing director who will step in to the role when Jan Scannell retires at the end of the year.

James Wilmore | 28 Mar 2013

Germany's competition watchdog has confirmed that an 18-month-old investigation into a host of brewers is on-going, but declined to say when it will be completed.

Andy Morton | 26 Feb 2013

The Coca-Cola Co has agreed a three-year sponsorship extension with German football club Bayern Munich.

James Wilmore | 22 Jan 2013

SABMiller subsidiary Cervecería Nacional has agreed a US$86m deal to sell its milk and juice business to the Central American producer co-operative Dos Pinos.

Olly Wehring | 21 Dec 2012

The top ten stories published on just-drinks last week:

Keith Nuthall | 20 Dec 2012

Heineken and Bavaria have said they are “disappointed” after Europe's highest court rejected their appeals against a reduction in fines for their part in a cartel.

Andy Morton | 18 Dec 2012

Isle of Arran Brewery's new distribution link-up with Munich's oldest brewery will create a European bottling hub to help boost exports, the Scottish microbrewer has said.

Andy Morton | 25 Sep 2012

Dutch brewer Bavaria has won an appeal court decision to secure the trademark rights for its namesake beer in Italy.

Olly Wehring | 11 Jun 2012

Weihenstephan has teamed with Cerana Imports to launch its German beer portfolio in India.

Andy Morton | 8 Jun 2012

SABMiller has confirmed it will move its Latin American headquarters from Colombia to Miami.

Latest blogs

Andy Morton | 28 May 2014

The start of the FIFA World Cup is just two weeks away, and excitement is growing, not least at The Coca-Cola Co and Anheuser-Busch InBev, the event's two drinks sponsors.

Company research

Bavaria SA in Soft Drinks (Colombia)

Bavaria SA in Soft Drinks (Colombia)

Bavaria is one of the most important firms in Colombia. It was established in 1889 and is a leader in beer and malt-based carbonates....

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Bavaria SA in Alcoholic Drinks (Colombia)

Bavaria SA in Alcoholic Drinks (Colombia)

Bavaria, currently the main player in beer in Colombia, will face a new competitive scenario in the coming years, not only due to the arrival of Central Cervecera de Colombia SAS, which will become th...

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Beer in Colombia

Beer in Colombia

Over the review period non/low alcohol beer held a marginal share of overall beer volume sales, with the category being dominated by imported brands....

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