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24 Sep 2007

UK: Maxxium releases limited edition Famous Grouse editorial team

13 Sep 2007

Majors will have to work hard for Indian spirits rewards

Euromonitor International

12 Sep 2007

FRANCE: Rémy Cointreau on hunt for distributors

Jessica Harvey

12 Sep 2007

SWEDEN: Vin & Sprit silent on US$893m extraction payment claim editorial team

20 Aug 2007

UK: Famous Grouse quashes repositioning rumours editorial team

16 Aug 2007

Pot of Gould – Private patience

Patience Gould

25 Jul 2007

UK: The Famous Grouse and Maxxium choose Woo for Scotch push editorial team

23 Jul 2007

GLOBAL: Management runaround at Maxxium Worldwide editorial team

16 Jul 2007

GLOBAL: Remy exit prompts Maxxium regional shake-up editorial team

4 Jul 2007

UK: Edrington sees Famous Grouse help lift FY editorial team

2 Jul 2007

UK: Edrington toasts Fine Oak sales leap editorial team

12 Jun 2007

INDIA: Edrington confirms Radico Khaitan split editorial team

17 May 2007

Just the answer – Beam Global Scotch whisky editorial team

10 May 2007

GLOBAL: Maxxium breaks EUR2bn barrier for FY editorial team

3 May 2007

UPDATE: UK: The Famous Grouse drops Scottish rugby shirt sponsorship editorial team

3 May 2007

UK: The Famous Grouse drops Scottish rugby shirt sponsorship editorial team

17 Apr 2007

FRANCE: Rémy Cointreau sees FY turnover rise - just editorial team

10 Apr 2007

UK: The Edrington Group appoints non-exec to board editorial team

27 Mar 2007

Indian budget blow should not dampen Scotch spirits

Richard Woodard

20 Mar 2007

EUROPE: Bacardi names regional duty-free boss

Joe Bates

25 Jan 2007

UK: New Rémy brand ambassador for Maxxium UK editorial team

18 Jan 2007

Blending in: the malt with dual personality

Richard Woodard

18 Jan 2007

UK/FRANCE: Diageo, LVMH silent on split talk editorial team

18 Jan 2007

FRANCE: Rémy set fair for full-year growth editorial team

13 Dec 2006

FRANCE: Rémy chief plays down takeover talk editorial team

12 Dec 2006

FRANCE: Rémy reveals cost of Maxxium exit editorial team

23 Nov 2006

FRANCE: Rémy Cointreau to leave Maxxium editorial team

23 Nov 2006

ANALYSIS: Rémy Cointreau's Maxxium departure editorial team

7 Nov 2006

US: Edrington updates Highland Park design editorial team

3 Nov 2006

UK: Highland Park, Loganair deal takes flight editorial team

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