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Tia Maria only lasted four years in the Pernod stable just Five Years Ago: Pernod Ricard readies sale of Tia Maria

27 November 2013

Five years ago this month, reports started to emerge that Pernod Ricard was looking to offload its coffee liqueur brand Tia Maria.

US: Illva Saronno cuts Bacardi ties to go it alone on Disaronno distribution

17 October 2013

Italian drinks group Illva Saronno is severing its 14-year-old relationship with Bacardi in the US to set up its own distribution unit.

ITALY/IRELAND: Illva Saronno Irish whiskey stake buy prompts new distillery

16 October 2013

Italian drinks firm Illva Saronno has put its weight behind the Irish whiskey category by acquiring a 50% stake in the producer of The Irishman brand.

IRELAND/ITALY: Irishman Brands silent over Illva Saronno deal rumours

9 September 2013

Irish whiskey producer The Irishman Brands has declined to comment on reports it is in talks to sell a minority stake to Italian drinks firm Illva Saronno to help fund its expansion.

just the Facts – The Power 100 2013

24 May 2013

Earlier this week, brand valuation consultancy Intangible Business released the results of its latest survey of the world's spirits brands. Here's a look at the top ten, along with the methodology used to draw up 'The Power 100'.

AUSTRALIA: Illva Saronno selects Suntory for Disaronno, Tia Maria distribution

16 May 2011

Illva Saronno has switched distribution of its Disaronno and Tia Maria liqueur brands in Australia to Suntory.

CARIBBEAN: Illva Saronno signs Monarq Group as distributor

4 October 2010

Illva Saronno has signed a deal for Monarq Group to distribute its brands, including Disaronno and Tia Maria, in the Caribbean.

UK: First Drinks to launch Disaronno summer push

27 April 2010

Italian liqueur Disaronno will receive its first summer marketing campaign in the UK as distributor First Drinks looks to broaden the brand's appeal.

Review of the Year 2009 - Spirits

22 December 2009

Like the other sectors of our industry, the economy cast a shadow over the spirits category in 2009. The aftershocks of the downturn spread around the world, with Scotland appearing to be the epicentre. Olly Wehring looks at the last 12 months for Diageo, Pernod Ricard et al.

US: Bacardi to distribute Tia Maria for Illva Saronno

11 December 2009

Bacardi has secured the distribution contract for Tia Maria in the US after signing a deal with the coffee liqueur brand's new owner, Illva Saronno.

UK: Disaronno gets fashion boost in UK

3 November 2009

First Drinks has announced a GBP2m (US$3.3m) Christmas push for Illva Saronno's Disaronno liqueur brand in the UK.

UK: First Drinks to distribute Tia Maria

10 September 2009

First Drinks has signed a deal for the UK distribution rights for Tia Maria.

FRANCE/ITALY: Pernod Ricard sells Tia Maria to Illva Saronno

27 July 2009

Pernod Ricard has continued its divestment programme with the sell-off of its Tia Maria liqueur brand to Illva Saronno.

UK: First Drinks Brands rolls out Disaronno campaign

1 June 2009

Italian liqueur Disaronno is to benefit from a GBP5m (US$8.2m) marketing drive in the UK, distributor firm First Drinks Brands has said.

UK: Disaronno in Christmas marketing push

4 November 2008

Italian liqueur Disaronno, distributed in the UK by First Drinks Brands, is looking to boost its sales growth across the on- and off-trade with a Christmas TV campaign.

UK: Summer push for Disaronno

17 June 2008

First Drinks Brands, which distributes Disaronno in the UK, is planning a raft of marketing initiatives for the liqueur brand this summer, with the particular aim of further driving sales among fashion-conscious young women.

US: Bacardi extends Disaronno distribution agreement

16 April 2008

Bacardi USA has renewed its contract with Illva Saronno for American distribution rights to Disaronno Originale.

UK: First Drinks Brands invests in TV push for Disaronno

20 November 2007

First Drinks Brands is rolling out a television advertising campaign for Italian Amaretto brand Disaronno over the coming months to drive UK sales.

UK: Disaronno beats category for 2006

15 February 2007

Amaretto brand Disaronno has toasted its most successful trading year to date in the UK.

UK: Disaronno set for GBP1.5m advertising push

3 October 2006

First Drinks Brands is rolling out a GBP1.5m TV advertising campaign for Italian Amaretto brand Disaronno over the coming months to drive UK sales.

US: Bacardi USA posts record sales in 2003

3 June 2004

Bacardi USA, a unit of Bermuda-based Bacardi, said US depletions reached an all-time high of more than 8.2m cases in 2003, led by its signature line of rums.

UK: Disaronno in first broadcast sponsorship

8 April 2004

First Drinks' Italian Amaretto liqueur brand Disaronno has signed a seven-figure deal with UK broadcaster BSkyB to become the exclusive sponsor of Sky One's new US drama hit Las Vegas.

Spirits producers at watershed in battle for advertising acceptance

16 July 2001

No one can deny the slow but sure liberalisation spirits advertising has been party to over the last five years. But with the war on tobacco almost won, attention will return to drinks industry regulations. Chris Brook-Carter reviews a report by analyst Datamonitor who argues that media support is the key to winning the PR war.

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