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10 Jan 2002

USA: Ex Coke exec now in charge at Cott Corporation editorial team

2 Oct 2001

CANADA: Cott seals JV with US beverage supplier

Monica Dobie

31 Jul 2001

UK: Cadbury Schweppes uses Singapore bond market

Sarah Diston

21 Jun 2001

US: Update - Cott purchase of Royal Crown from Cadbury

Monica Dobie

22 Mar 2001

CANADA: No dividend for Cott Corp shareholders

Sarah Diston

9 Mar 2001

USA: Cott Corp predicts 2001 earnings growth of over 30%

Monica Dobie

13 Dec 2000

CANADA: Canadian Coke suffers from grey market exports

Monica Dobie

8 Dec 2000

USA: Cott Corporation's Director True Knowles Inducted In Soft Drink Hall Of Fame

Company Press Release

19 Oct 2000

USA: Cott Corporation Has Acquired Honickman Group's Concord Beverage To Strengthen U.S. Presence

Company Press Release

29 Sep 2000

CANADA: Cott Corporation Names Six Sigma Quality Vice President

Company Press Release

4 Aug 2000

Growth Strategies in Soft Drinks

Sue Barnard

30 Jun 2000

CANADA: Cott Corporation Responds To Unsolicited, Below-Market Offer

Company Press Release

13 Jun 2000

USA: Retailer Branded Soft Drinks On Growth Path; Revitalized Cott Helps Build Momentum

Company Press Release

18 May 2000

Coca-Cola : New Name But Business as Usual for UK Market Leader

Food & Drink Business

3 Apr 2000

Soft Drink Sales Increased 0.6% In 1999

Beverage Marketing Corporation

31 Jan 2000

Virgin cola Concentrates on Becoming More Available

Food & Drink Business

12 May 1999

Soft Drinks Alert - May 1999

Leatherhead Food RA

28 Apr 1999

Soft Drinks

Food & Drink Business

9 Feb 1999

UK Trade in Soft Drinks - An Overview

Euro PA & Associates

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