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21 Apr 2004

FRANCE: Remy sales hit by weak first half editorial team

7 Apr 2004

FRANCE: US investor ups stake in Remy Cointreau editorial team

26 Mar 2004

FRANCE: Remy Cointreau sells capital editorial team

22 Jan 2004

FRANCE: Remy Cointreau figures hit by US dollar editorial team

15 Dec 2003

EUROPE/US: Drinks industry EPSs cut for 2004 editorial team

10 Dec 2003

FRANCE: Remy Cointreau H1 figures, profits slide editorial team

24 Oct 2003

FRANCE: Remy first half hit by SARS and war editorial team

22 Oct 2003

Holland: Maxxium profits fall on strong euro

Chris Brook-Carter

15 Sep 2003

RUSSIA: Remy signs Bols distribution deal

Stuart Todd

14 Aug 2003

UK: Bols launches three flavour extensions editorial team

23 Jul 2003

FRANCE: SARS hits Remy Q1 editorial team

23 Jul 2003

FRANCE: BNP downgrades Remy editorial team

14 Jul 2003

FRANCE: Remy sells €65m in assets editorial team

2 Jul 2003

UK: Maxxium places £1m behind Cointreau push editorial team

18 Jun 2003

FRANCE: Moody's affirms Remy rating editorial team

17 Jun 2003

FRANCE: Remy to invest €25m a year in Bols editorial team

16 Jun 2003

FRANCE: Remy won't sell Champagne business editorial team

16 Jun 2003

FRANCE: Remy to launch €150m bond editorial team

12 Jun 2003

FRANCE: Net profit up 6.5% at Remy-Cointreau editorial team

6 Jun 2003

UK :Maxxium launches £1m cocktail drive editorial team

23 Apr 2003

FRANCE: Remy sees Cognac and Champagne recovery editorial team

26 Mar 2003

CANADA: Maxxium appoints Canadian president editorial team

6 Feb 2003

UK: CSFB lowers targets on Euro drinks groups editorial team

22 Jan 2003

FRANCE: Remy nine-month sales up 1.2% editorial team

21 Jan 2003

UK: Morgan Stanley re-rates European brewers editorial team

11 Dec 2002

FRANCE: Remy posts 7% profit rise in H1 editorial team

6 Dec 2002

GERMANY: Eckes prepares for sale of Stock Plzen editorial team

25 Nov 2002

FRANCE: No decision on future of Champagne, Remy says

Stuart Todd

19 Nov 2002

Do polar bears drink alcopops?

Musty Bunches

14 Nov 2002

THE NETHERLANDS: Maxxium sales up 12% as Absolut kicks in editorial team

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