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19 Feb 2004

US: Coca-Cola Bottling "disappointed" by 2003 editorial team

18 Feb 2004

US: CCE makes senior appointments editorial team

16 Feb 2004

US: Protesters accuse Coke in Colombian violence editorial team

2 Feb 2004

US: Coke Consolidated announces Q1 dividend editorial team

29 Jan 2004

US: Management changes at Coca-Cola Enterprises editorial team

5 Dec 2003

US: Board resignations at CCBC editorial team

20 Nov 2003

US: Midwest Coca-Cola Bottling closes centres editorial team

19 Nov 2003

CANADA: Coke asked for school guidelines in Canada editorial team

30 Oct 2003

US: Coca-Cola Bottling announces dividend editorial team

23 Oct 2003

US: Coca-Cola Bottling earnings up editorial team

24 Jul 2003

US: Coca-Cola Bottling sales fall in Q2 editorial team

4 Jul 2003

MOROCCO: SMB sells soft drinks for $73m editorial team

16 Jun 2003

US: Coke driver "sacked for drinking Pepsi" editorial team

24 Apr 2003

US: Coca-Cola bottling reports disappointing sales editorial team

31 Mar 2003

US: Coca-Cola bottling ups Piedmont share editorial team

13 Mar 2003

JAPAN: Coca-Cola to form national joint venture editorial team

20 Dec 2002

SAUDI ARABIA: Coke bottler moves into mineral water editorial team

1 Oct 2002

Soft drink producers must heed school ban warning

Ben Cooper

1 Oct 2002

US: Coke Bottling chairman sells stock editorial team

8 Aug 2002

PHILIPPINES: SMC first half net profit down 21% editorial team

14 May 2002

INDIA: New attack on Coca-Cola plant editorial team

1 May 2002

US: Coca-Cola Bottling records first quarter profit editorial team

21 Mar 2002

JAPAN: Australian wine imports set for price-led growth editorial team

14 Mar 2002

MEXICO: Femsa approves dividends, may move stock to Madrid editorial team

11 Mar 2002

US: Coca-Cola Enterprises faces $200m lawsuit editorial team

26 Feb 2002

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22 Feb 2002

US: Coke Bottling sales up 7% in Q4 editorial team

30 Jan 2002

NEPAL: Coca-Cola plant targeted by bombers editorial team

17 Oct 2001

JAPAN: Coca-Cola West takes control of Mikasa Coca-Cola

Sarah Diston

25 Jul 2001

CANADA: Coke restructuring to result in job losses

Chris Brook-Carter

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