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27 Feb 2008

US: CEDC prepares Whitehall Group purchase in Russia editorial team

18 Jan 2008

US: CEDC raises full year guidance editorial team

21 Dec 2007

EUR: CEDC updates progress on Parliament acquisition editorial team

6 Nov 2007

The just-drinks interview – CEDC

Olly Wehring

1 Aug 2007

US: CEDC toasts Polish economy for quarterly lift editorial team

30 Jul 2007

US/POLAND: CEDC completes distributon deal, raises guidance editorial team

26 Jul 2007

UK: CEDC updates Zubrowka packaging editorial team

20 Jul 2007

Pot of Gould – Parliamentary questions

Patience Gould

17 Jul 2007

US: CEDC lines up Parliament Vodka acquisition editorial team

10 Jul 2007

POLAND: CEDC raises full year estimates editorial team

21 Jun 2007

POLAND: CEDC completes Bialystok stake purchase editorial team

6 Jun 2007

US: CEDC secures Polish gas station distribution deal editorial team

23 May 2007

US/EUR: CEDC announces Moody’s upgrade editorial team

8 May 2007

US: CEDC benefits from Polish move to premium editorial team

18 Apr 2007

US: CEDC on Polish distributor acquisition trail editorial team

8 Mar 2007

US: CEDC details targets for 2007 editorial team

1 Mar 2007

US/POLAND: Acquisitions buoy CEDC during 2006 editorial team

20 Feb 2007

US/POLAND: CEDC remains on acquisition hunt editorial team

14 Feb 2007

US: CEDC looks to up Bialystok stake, again editorial team

23 Jan 2007

POLAND: CEDC strikes deal with Campari editorial team

17 Jan 2007

POLAND: CEDC chases rest of Polmos Bialystok editorial team

29 Nov 2006

POLAND: CEDC Bialystok share offer reaps only 10% - report editorial team

20 Nov 2006

POLAND: CEDC ups Bialystok share offer editorial team

7 Nov 2006

POLAND: CEDC sees earnings soar during Q3 editorial team

16 Oct 2006

POLAND: CEDC bids for more Bialystok shares editorial team

6 Oct 2006

POLAND: US fund set to buy Polmos Lublin editorial team

27 Sep 2006

POLAND: CEDC acquires Bols Vodka rights in Hungary editorial team

22 Sep 2006

POLAND: CEDC buys another distributor editorial team

3 Aug 2006

US: CEDC eyes acquisitions after profit leap editorial team

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