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12 May 2009

IRELAND: C&C Group swings to FY loss, cider sales fall editorial team

3 Apr 2009

IRELAND: C&C Group to cut more Bulmers jobs editorial team

30 Mar 2009

IRELAND: Magners GB chief quits C&C Group editorial team

25 Mar 2009

UK: Watchdog forces C&C Group Magners Light advert change editorial team

24 Mar 2009

UK: C&C Group extends Magners League rugby sponsorship editorial team

17 Mar 2009

EUR: C&C Group to refocus on UK for Magners editorial team

3 Mar 2009

IRELAND: C&C Group sales drop, hit by charges editorial team

2 Mar 2009

UPDATED IRELAND: C&C Group denies spirits business sale

Chris Mercer

27 Feb 2009

IRELAND: C&C Group extends Bulmers line editorial team

20 Feb 2009

IRELAND: C&C Group to cut Magners, Bulmers jobs editorial team

10 Feb 2009

UK: C&C Group readies Magners Pear cider launch editorial team

2 Feb 2009

UK: C&C Group scraps Magners Wasps sponsorship editorial team

28 Jan 2009

IRELAND: Goldman Sachs cuts C&C Group to sell editorial team

20 Jan 2009

COMMENT: C&C Group struggles to stop the cider rot

Chris Mercer

20 Jan 2009

UK: Fuller, Smith & Turner recruit C&C Group CEO Dunsmore editorial team

16 Jan 2009

IRELAND: Cider sales slide sours C&C Group revenue editorial team

8 Jan 2009

IRELAND: C&C Group finance director calls time on tenure editorial team

19 Dec 2008

IRELAND: C&C Group shareholders approve bonus plan editorial team

1 Dec 2008

IRELAND: C&C Group management gets Magners incentive editorial team

27 Nov 2008

Focus - C&C looks to raise spirits after Magners’ fall from grace

Chris Mercer

21 Nov 2008

IRELAND: C&C Group sets out growth plan for Tullamore Dew editorial team

14 Nov 2008

In the spotlight - John Dunsmore, C&C and Magners

Michelle Russell

10 Nov 2008

IRELAND: C&C Group appoints S&N veteran Dunsmore as CEO editorial team

6 Nov 2008

UK: C&C Group rolls out Magners Light website editorial team

20 Oct 2008

UK: C&C launches Magners Light across on-trade editorial team

10 Oct 2008

Comment - C&C, Magners and Maurice Pratt editorial team

9 Oct 2008

IRELAND: C&C Group CEO quits as struggles continue editorial team

16 Sep 2008

IRELAND: C&C Group sells FindlaterGrants editorial team

29 Aug 2008

IRELAND: Magners slide hits C&C Group sales editorial team

22 Aug 2008

UK: C&C readies mid-strength Magners for UK off-trade editorial team

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