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23 Nov 2000

CHINA: Chinese brewer attacks international imports

Elliot Lane

16 Nov 2000

ICELAND/FINLAND: Carlsberg and Coca-Cola take two steps towards final agreement

Company Press Release

9 Nov 2000

LITHUANIA: Lithuanian competition authority OKs formation of Carlsberg Breweries

Company Press Release

7 Nov 2000

MALAYSIA: Malaysian brewers fear smuggling as Guinness and Carlsberg increase prices editorial team

3 Nov 2000

DENMARK: Carlsberg acquires the Beverages Division of the Feldschlösschen Group

Company Press Release

10 Oct 2000

Water conservation - is the drinks industry doing enough? editorial team

9 Oct 2000

DENMARK: Carlsberg's PEN bottle to contest new product prize in Paris

Company Press Release

6 Oct 2000

UK: The significance of e-business in the drinks industry

Company Press Release

5 Oct 2000

DENMARK: Falcon and Pripps to become Carlsberg Sverige AB

Company Press Release

2 Oct 2000

UK Beer Market: Export or Die

Andrew Jefford

21 Sep 2000

DENMARK: Carlsberg reports nine-month operating profit of DKK 1.555bn

Company Press Release

20 Sep 2000

DENMARK: Carlsberg will not raise its offer for Albani Bryggerierne

Company Press Release

12 Sep 2000

Carlsberg at the front line in Malaysian religious war

David Robertson

7 Sep 2000

LITHUANIA: Carlsberg launches locally-brewed beer in Lithuania

Company Press Release

7 Sep 2000

UK: E-Business in the drinks industry conference.

Company Press Release

6 Sep 2000

DENMARK: Cherry beer joins Carlsberg's Semper Ardens range

Company Press Release

22 Aug 2000

CANADA: Sexy Carlsberg editorial team

8 Aug 2000

DENMARK: EU task force intervenes in Carlsberg/Orkla beer deal

Company Press Release

2 Aug 2000

Interbrew/Bass deal: Battle may return to home turf

Chris Brook-Carter

31 Jul 2000

Keeping abreast of the e-changes at major drinks conference editorial team

17 Jul 2000

CHINA: Carlsberg "poised to sell" Chinese breweries

Chris Brook-Carter

11 Jul 2000 interview: Interbrew's acquisition strategy remains unfinished business

Chris Brook-Carter

10 Jul 2000

UK: Carlsberg celebrates a staggering 307% increase in off trade sales 100 million viewers during Euro 2000

Company Press Release

3 Jul 2000

China beer market: Dragon ready to swallow US editorial team

27 Jun 2000

UK: Goundbreaking Carlsberg Euro 2000 Online Advertising Campaign Smashes all Predictions

Company Press Release

20 Jun 2000

USA: Cerveza Sol Clocks the Longest Day of the Year with Timely Marketing Tool

Company Press Release

15 Jun 2000

UK: E-Business in the Drinks Industry

Company Press Release

14 Jun 2000

Interbrew has only "50% chance" of regulatory approval for Bass deal

Chris Brook-Carter

13 Jun 2000

New Products From Japan


12 Jun 2000

ABN Amro report predicts four global mega-brewers editorial team

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