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19 Sep 2001

INDIA: Twelve breweries in race for UB stake - sources

Chris Brook-Carter

17 Sep 2001

UK: Carlsberg bottles recalled over glass fear editorial team

24 Aug 2001

DENMARK: Speculation over Carlsberg CEO decision to quit

Sarah Diston

16 Aug 2001

THAILAND: Thailand's Chang Beer to get US launch

Chris Brook-Carter

13 Aug 2001

INDIA: UB demerges beer arm in plan to part-divest

Navroz Havewala

9 Aug 2001

DENMARK: Carlsberg Breweries acquires strong base in Poland

Chris Brook-Carter

2 Aug 2001

Is Big Really Beautiful? - Changing Fortunes in the Chinese Beer Market.

Rupert Dean

23 Jul 2001

UK: Punch and Carlsberg voice opposition to Interbrew's Carling ambitions

Chris Brook-Carter

10 Jul 2001

DENMARK: Environmental report a first for Carlsberg

Sarah Diston

2 Jul 2001

INDIA: Miller and Kirin both eyeing UB stake

Sarah Diston

26 Jun 2001

DENMARK: Carlsberg Breweries appoints Corporate Technical Director editorial team

19 Jun 2001

UK: Carlsberg-Tetley deny Carling OFT submission

Sarah Diston

14 Jun 2001

INDIA: UB to market Carlsberg in Indian market

Chris Brook-Carter

8 Jun 2001

International investment key to German beer's future

Ute Ballay

29 May 2001

Interbrew defends consolidation in uncertain future

Chris Brook-Carter

17 May 2001

POLAND: Carlsberg Breweries makes public tender for Polish brewer

Chris Brook-Carter

15 May 2001

RUSSIA: Carlsberg to invest $27m in Russian subsidiary

Chris Brook-Carter

3 May 2001

ROMANIA: Carlsberg launches in Romania

Chris Brook-Carter

10 Apr 2001

DENMARK: Carlsberg approves new research department

Sarah Diston

28 Mar 2001

DENMARK: Carlsberg to focus on Asian beer market

Sarah Diston

7 Mar 2001

INDIA: Heineken and Carlsberg court India's Mysore Breweries for jv editorial team

12 Feb 2001

Tsingtao set to breach world's top 10 brewers in two years

Robin Lynam

9 Jan 2001

USA: CCU's Credit Quality Enhanced by A-B's Stake in Company editorial team

8 Jan 2001

Consolidation fever far from over in global brewing

Chris Brook-Carter

3 Jan 2001

UK: Interbrew forced to sell Bass brewing arm as Byers blocks takeover

Chris Brook-Carter

21 Dec 2000

MALAYSIA: Carlsberg focuses efforts on Asian expansion editorial team

18 Dec 2000

DENMARK: Carlsberg announces $100m joint venture in Asia editorial team

13 Dec 2000

NORWAY: Carlsberg forced to sell Coca-Cola joint venture

Chris Brook-Carter

13 Dec 2000

NORWAY: Carlsberg Statement Concerning Pripps Merger

Company Press Release

12 Dec 2000

International Brewers Strategic Review

Chris Brook-Carter

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