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4 Feb 2003

Lithuania offers gate to Eastern growth editorial team

3 Feb 2003

DENMARK: Banks upgrade Bryggerigruppen and Carlsberg editorial team

31 Jan 2003

DENMARK: BBH looks to ex-Soviet countries for acquisitions editorial team

29 Jan 2003

DENMARK: Carlsberg restructures Asian management team editorial team

29 Jan 2003

RUSSIA: BBH to invest $200m in Russia editorial team

28 Jan 2003

AUSTRIA: BBAG shares fall, but battle for control heating up editorial team

23 Jan 2003

AUSTRIA: BBAG invites partners for Central Europe expansion editorial team

23 Jan 2003

CHINA: Carlsberg acquires Chinese brewer editorial team

23 Jan 2003

KAZAKHSTAN/UKRAINE: BBH to invest £100m in breweries editorial team

21 Jan 2003

TURKEY: Carlsberg axes 10% of workforce at Tuborg editorial team

21 Jan 2003

UK: Morgan Stanley re-rates European brewers editorial team

20 Jan 2003

Interbrew gives a XXXX to plug standard gap editorial team

20 Jan 2003

RUSSIA: Carlsberg alleviates Russian growth fears editorial team

17 Jan 2003

TURKEY: Carlsberg appoints new chief at Turk Tuborg editorial team

15 Jan 2003

POLAND: Beer sales up by 8% in 2002 editorial team

13 Jan 2003

UK: Interbrew relaunches XXXX on the UK market

Chris Brook-Carter

10 Jan 2003

DENMARK: Carlsberg Breweries sells water business editorial team

6 Jan 2003

ISRAEL: Coke to enter wine market with merger editorial team

6 Jan 2003

BULGARIA: Carlsberg boosts stake in Pirinsko Pivo editorial team

20 Dec 2002

POLAND: Carlsberg buys Bitburger shares in Okocim editorial team

19 Dec 2002

RUSSIA: BBH sells Voronezh to streamline structure editorial team

13 Dec 2002

DENMARK: Danske raises Carlsberg rating editorial team

10 Dec 2002

RUSSIA: Baltika makes debut on MICEX editorial team

4 Dec 2002

IRELAND: Diageo adds premium lager to its portfolio

Chris Brook-Carter

26 Nov 2002

RUSSIA: Baltika profit rise disappoints editorial team

22 Nov 2002

BULGARIA: SSEC puts temporary block on Carlsberg offer editorial team

19 Nov 2002

DENMARK: Goldman Sachs cool on Carlsberg editorial team

15 Nov 2002

China usurps US as world’s largest beer market editorial team

13 Nov 2002

DENMARK: Carlsberg remains optimistic about Russian market editorial team

7 Nov 2002

FINLAND: Hartwell warns of slowing Russian beer market editorial team

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