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18 Oct 2013

Product Launch - US: Camus Cognac's Family Legacy

Andy Morton

9 Sep 2013

CHINA/RUSSIA: Synergy teams with Camus to launch Beluga in China

Olly Wehring

1 Aug 2013

US: Camus gives Elegance Cognac portfolio US update

Olly Wehring

24 Jul 2013

just the Winners - International Wine & Spirit Competition 2013: Armagnac, Bitters, Brandy, Calvados, Cognac

Olly Wehring

22 Jul 2013

just the Winners - International Wine Challenge 2013: The Headline Winners

Olly Wehring

13 Mar 2013

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Camus Cognac's Cuvee 5.150

Andy Morton

5 Feb 2013

TRAVEL RETAIL: Château de Laubade makes travel retail entry with Camus

Olly Wehring

29 Oct 2012

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Camus Cognac's Family Legacy

Olly Wehring

3 Aug 2012

Product Launch - US: Camus Cognac's Ile de Re Fine Island, Double Matured, Cliffside Cellar

Olly Wehring

1 May 2012

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Camus Cognac's Camus Cuvée 3.140 Masterpiece Collection

Andy Morton

25 Apr 2012

Product Launch - GLOBAL: Ungava Canadian Premium Gin

Andy Morton

29 Mar 2012

The Wehring Interview - Societe Europeenne de Participations Industrielles Champagne CEO, Cécile Bonnefond - Part I

Chris Mercer

16 Sep 2011

Product Launch - US: Camus' Camus Cognac Vintages

Olly Wehring

15 Sep 2011

Focus - Travel Retail - Korean Air Steals March with Airborne Duty Free 'Showcase'

Simon Warburton

6 May 2010

Focus - TFWA Asia Pacific 2010 Preview

Joe Bates

24 Dec 2009

Research - Cognac sees Asian markets compensate for US slough

Ben Cooper

23 Jul 2009

ESTONIA: Imports boost AS Liviko’s market share editorial team

8 May 2009

Preview - Tax Free World Association Asia Pacific Exhibition

Joe Bates

2 Jun 2008

FRANCE/VIETNAM: Camus Cognac establishes Vietnam office

Joe Bates

5 Dec 2007

FRANCE: Low stocks could lead to Cognac shortages

Sophie Kevany

8 Nov 2007

ANALYSIS: Cognac market set for further growth

Ben Cooper

1 Aug 2007

INDIA: Sales rise, profits slide at Radico Khaitan editorial team

8 Jun 2007

Spotlight - V&S attracted by premium opportunities in baijiu market editorial team

13 Mar 2007

US: Camus brings Elegance to the US with A.V. editorial team

23 Feb 2007

FRANCE/INDIA: Camus, Radico join forces editorial team

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