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14 Jun 2012

UK: Bacardi Martini switches MD

Olly Wehring

2 May 2012

US: Spirits sales boosted by 'boutique' products

James Wilmore

5 Oct 2011

US: Bacardi brings Drambuie 15 to US masses

Olly Wehring

5 Aug 2011

Product Launch - US: Bacardi’s Bombay Sapphire East

Olly Wehring

5 Aug 2011

Official Statement - Bacardi wins Havana Club rum dispute in US Court of Appeals

Press Release

30 Mar 2011

Corporate Social Responsibility – Part III: The US

Ben Cooper

29 Mar 2011

US: Havana Club appeal ruling leaves Bacardi, Pernod Ricard upbeat editorial team

29 Nov 2010

US: Bacardi readies Martini ad for US editorial team

12 Apr 2010

US: Bacardi teams up with NBA for marketing push editorial team

7 Apr 2010

US: Bacardi claims latest Havana Club round editorial team

24 Feb 2010

US: Bacardi consolidates media services in US editorial team

11 Dec 2009

US: Bacardi to distribute Tia Maria for Illva Saronno editorial team

6 Aug 2009

US: Bacardi launches Seven Tiki spiced rum editorial team

28 Apr 2009

US: Bacardi launches Martini & Rossi rosé editorial team

19 Mar 2009

US: Charmer Sunbelt Group snags Bacardi, Brown-Forman in seven states editorial team

4 Nov 2008

US: Bacardi USA appoints CFO editorial team

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