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Australian wine exports lose more value in 2010 13 Jan 2011 editorial team

Exports of Australian wine continued to lose value in 2010, but the stricken industry regained some momentum in the second half of the year, official figures show.

South Australia gets new wine region 23 Dec 2010 editorial team

The Australian Wine & Brandy Corporation (AWBC) has officially handed Mt Gambier geographic indication status.

Australian Wine & Brandy Corp loses marketing head 14 Oct 2010 editorial team

The Australian Wine & Brandy Corp has announced the resignation of its long-serving general manager for market development, Paul Henry.

Wine Australia regional director steps down 8 Sep 2010 editorial team

Lisa McGovern, the UK, Ireland and European Union director for Australia's wine trade body, has resigned.

Australia puts Champagne on ice for EU deal 1 Sep 2010 editorial team

Australian winemakers can no longer use well-known names like Champagne, Prosecco, Port or Sherry on wines to be sold either at home or in the European Union, under a new deal that comes into force this week.

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