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Tia Maria only lasted four years in the Pernod stable just Five Years Ago: Pernod Ricard readies sale of Tia Maria

27 November 2013

Five years ago this month, reports started to emerge that Pernod Ricard was looking to offload its coffee liqueur brand Tia Maria.

UK: Maxxium to give Snow Leopard vodka distribution boost

4 July 2013

Maxxium is taking on the UK distribution of Edrington's luxury vodka brand Snow Leopard, the company announced today (4 July).

Comment - Wine Needs Mavericks to Help it be Top Gun

4 June 2013

How can the wine industry shake-off its navel-gazing, elitist image? Embrace the unusual and the revolutionary, argues Chris Losh

The just-drinks Interview - Alexandre Ricard, Pernod Ricard's deputy CEO & COO

30 May 2013

Earlier this week, just-drinks editor Olly Wehring visited Beijing to cover Pernod Ricard's latest Capital Market Day. While there, Olly spoke to Alexandre Ricard, the company's deputy CEO & COO, in his first interview since it was announced he would become CEO of Pernod in 2015.

US: William Grant & Sons appoints new US chief

16 April 2013

William Grant & Sons has promoted one of its senior executives to the role of managing director and president of its US division.

UK: Pernod Ricard to build Beefeater visitor centre

6 February 2013

Pernod Ricard is set to start work on a visitor centre at its Beefeater distillery in London.

UK: Diageo to extend HR manager's role as Lenton moves to Jaguar

6 December 2012

Diageo is to expand the role of one of its management team to cover the post of an HR colleague who will depart for the auto industry.

just The Preview - Pernod Ricard Q1

22 October 2012

Pernod Ricard will release its first-quarter results on Thursday (25 October). Here, just-drinks takes a look at the highs and lows for the company in the three months to the end of September.

FRANCE: Pernod Ricard chairman dies

20 August 2012

Patrick Ricard, the chairman and former CEO of Pernod Ricard, has died aged 67.

UK: Pernod Ricard releases Beefeater London bottle

7 June 2012

Pernod Ricard has lined up a London-centric bottling of its Beefeater gin brand.

Comment - Spirits - Plymouth Gin: West is Best

26 January 2012

When Pernod Ricard said last week that it is updating the packaging for - and raising the price of - Plymouth Gin, there was a run on tonic water at Richard Woodard's local shop. It's taken a while, but the brand is back, and Woodard would like to celebrate.

Comment - Irish Whiskey Goes Plural

18 January 2012

Beam Inc's acquisition of Cooley Distillery puts Irish whiskey entirely in the hands of drinks industry 'big hitters' and looks set to spur an unprecedented level of investment in the category.

Comment - Diageo, Pernod Ricard Ten Years After Seagram

22 December 2011

Ten years on and the legacy of Pernod Ricard and Diageo's carve-up of Seagram is still being felt.

just The Facts - Beam Global Spirits & Wine Performance

4 October 2011

Fortune Brands has turned itself into a standalone spirits company named Beam Inc. Here, just-drinks brings you stats on the company's sales and profits for wine and spirits since 2003.

GLOBAL: SPI Group switches global commercial director

25 August 2011

SPI Group has replaced its global commercial director.

AUS/SINGAPORE: Accolade Wines targets Asia Pacific with exec appointment

2 August 2011

Accolade Wines has turned its attention to Asia Pacific, with the creation of a commercial general manager role for the region.

US: Diageo exec joins Southern Wine & Spirits

21 July 2011

Southern Wine & Spirits of America has lined up two appointments for its North American Spirits & Wine Brokerage (NASW) division.

US: Terlato Wine International gets a president

14 March 2011

Terlato Wine Group has created the position of president at its Terlato Wines International division.

The Wehring Interview - Pernod Ricard

10 March 2011

February's Wehring interview comes ten days late, due to the early arrival of Wehring Junior shortly after our editor returned from France, where he was granted 30 minutes with the CEO of Pernod Ricard, Pierre Pringuet. In their time together, Pringuet discusses the first six months of Pernod's fiscal 2011, as well as Absolut, China and war-chests.

Comment - Spirits - Bye-Bye Caution, Hello Buy?

20 January 2011

A down-in-the-dumps Richard Woodard is a Richard Woodard best-avoided. But, the spirits giants of this world can bring him out of his stupor. And, all it would take is a little bit of spending.

US: Moet Hennessy switches CEO in US

3 December 2010

Moet Hennessy has confirmed a change of leadership at its US unit.

UK: Stock Spirits Group switches CFO in management shuffle

25 November 2010

Stock Spirits Group has announced another change of CFO, its second in less than a year.

Comment - Pernod Ricard calls time on Lindauer

18 October 2010

Pernod Ricard has been shunting Lindauer towards the exit door for some time, so a move to Lion Nathan and Indevin should not be surprising.

Comment - Spirits - Hine-Sight's Fine Sight

27 July 2010

It must be madness, but Richard Woodard is in buying mood. Considering the state of the world's finances, his timing could be well off. But only Hine-sight will show whether he is a genius, or a fool...

The just-drinks Interview - Chivas Brothers' CEO, Christian Porta

1 July 2010

While our paths have crossed on an almost monthly basis over the last six years, just-drinks has never interviewed the chairman and CEO of Pernod Ricard's Chivas Brothers unit, Christian Porta. So, when Olly Wehring was invited to the official opening of The Glenlivet's distillery extension last month, he took the opportunity to finally pin Porta down for a chat on all things Chivas.

NZ: Pernod Ricard changes Montana to Brancott Estate

22 June 2010

Pernod Ricard has announced a global name-change for its New Zealand wine brand, Montana.

US: Foster’s appoints sommelier to head up Wine Estates

20 May 2010

Foster’s Wine Estates has appointed master sommelier Fred Dame as its vice president of luxury sales.

just the facts – Drinks fraud cases

16 April 2010

Earlier this week police in the UK arrested two people in connection to a suspected GBP3m wine investment scam dealing in Australian wine. The operation, codenamed Operation Iceman, has seen a total of eight people arrested in the operation. Here we take a look at other drinks scams.

IRELAND: Diageo lines up Bushmills comp

15 March 2010

Diageo has lined up the launch of a consumer competition on Facebook for its Bushmills Irish whiskey brand.

The just-drinks Interview - Pernod Ricard's MD of Finance

11 March 2010

Late last month, Gilles Bogaert, the recently-appointed managing director of finance - CFO, if you will - for Pernod Ricard came to the UK to look over the company's most recent set of figures. While in the country, Olly Wehring took the opportunity to grill Bogaert about the last six months for Pernod, how the downturn has affected the company, and what Pernod would do if - when? - the bargains come knocking.







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