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5 Mar 2003

SWEDEN: Absolut sales up 15% editorial team

22 Jan 2003

US: Fortune Brands 2002 earnings up 37% editorial team

15 Jan 2003

POLAND: V&S completes purchase of Zielona Gora editorial team

23 Dec 2002

Brown-Forman strengthens its position in premium vodka editorial team

2 Dec 2002

POLAND: V&S acquires Polmos Zielona Gora - reports editorial team

14 Nov 2002

THE NETHERLANDS: Maxxium sales up 12% as Absolut kicks in editorial team

12 Nov 2002

V&S seeks balance after Absolut rise to top editorial team

21 Oct 2002

POLAND: V&S wins exclusive negotiation rights for Polish distiller editorial team

18 Oct 2002

US: Fortune Brands' income up 22% in Q3 editorial team

9 Oct 2002

GERMANY: Eckes to pull out of alcoholic drinks editorial team

28 Aug 2002

SWEDEN: Vin & Sprit on the acquisition trail editorial team

13 Aug 2002

Company Strategic Review - 2002 (part 2)

Chris Brook-Carter

30 Jul 2002

The Company Strategic Review 2002

Chris Brook-Carter

25 Jun 2002

SWEDEN: Vin & Sprit loses trademark battle editorial team

7 Jun 2002

AUSTRIA: Turnover up at Stock Austria editorial team

26 Apr 2002

ASIA: Absolut eyes 30% growth in Asia editorial team

3 Apr 2002

JAPAN: Maxxium and Asahi form strategic alliance

Chris Brook-Carter

20 Mar 2002

US: Fortune Brands Q1 earnings to exceed expectations editorial team

22 Jan 2002

CHILE: Rum and vodka imports challenge whisky's market share.

Eric Martin

26 Nov 2001

Company report 2001 Part Two

Chris Brook-Carter

16 Oct 2001

UK: JBB sells Scotch business to management team

Chris Brook-Carter

13 Aug 2001

Companies' review 2001

Chris Brook-Carter

22 Jun 2001

One to watch: Eckes looks to replicate Czech success in Poland

Lyle Frink

11 Jun 2001

White-knuckle ride worth the scare for Pernod

Andrew Jefford

10 May 2001

USA: Authorities clear the path for JBB Absolut deal

Chris Brook-Carter

23 Apr 2001

White heat: Vodka rules the world editorial team

9 Apr 2001

Absolut coup cements Maxxium's place in big league

Chris Brook-Carter

3 Apr 2001

Interview - Absolut winners

Elliot Lane

2 Apr 2001

USA: JBB casts eye over Pernod spin-off

Elliot Lane

21 Mar 2001

SWEDEN: Sale of Absolut producer V&S on ice editorial team

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