We're just over two months away from the start of the biggest sporting event on earth: The FIFA World Cup kicks off on 12 June, when host country Brazil take on Croatia in the first match of the month-long tournament. You may not be too bothered about the World Cup, personally, but as a member of the drinks industry, I guarantee you'll be getting excited about it in office hours, at least.

This week saw two global drinks companies unveil their TV ads to coincide with the tournament. Both were preceded by Anheuser-Busch InBev, which went public with its Budweiser ad last month.

On Wednesday (2 April), The Coca-Cola Co launched its global TV spot.

And, in a sneaky, guerilla tactic kind of way, PepsiCo chose the same day to release its soccer-themed ad.

Note how the Budweiser and Coca-Cola ads play on our emotions (I'll admit to going a bit dewy-eyed at these two, particularly at Coke's ad). The Pepsi spot, meanwhile, ups the star ante, with a swathe of famous footballers making an appearance.

With A-B InBev and Coca-Cola Co both securing official sponsorship deals with FIFA for the World Cup, you can see where they've spent their money. PepsiCo's dollar, however, has clearly gone to the likes of Lionel Messi, Robin van Persie, Sergio Aguero and “singing sensation” Janelle Monae.

Dare I suggest that, when it comes to these TV ads, A-B InBev and Coca-Cola prefer to pull on our heartstrings while drawing in their purse strings?