Here are some of the choice quotes that we have picked up so far at the London International Wine Fair & Distil.

"It's not the stellar sort of growth here in the UK that we're seeing in the US, but I think it's a more sustainable growth than the ups and down of Argentina in the past. We're forming stronger, longer-lasting relationships, which will stand us in good stead." - James Forbes, UK market manager, Wines of Argentina.

"In truth, it could have been a lot worse than it actually was. We heard of talks that looked at things being a lot worse for drinks companies." - Jeremy Beadles, chief executive, Wine & Spirit Trade Association, on the excise rise in last month's UK Budget.

"Given the choice, would it really be such a bad thing if Australia were to lose its number one status in the UK, if it meant lifting the country's price point? I don't think so. I'd be an idiot to believe Australia can hold its volumes while focusing on raising prices." - Lisa McGovern, director of UK, Ireland and Europe, Wine Australia.

"With the some of the gross negligence that takes place in the wine industry today, it is relatively easy to bring significant improvements," senior Nomacorc source on the rates of spoilage in the wine industry.