Diageo announced Sheriffs appointment today

Diageo announced Sheriff's appointment today

I'll admit to being a little perplexed following the latest announcement by Diageo: Not so much by the announcement itself, but more by its timing.

Earlier today (26 June), Diageo said it has created the position of global communications director, with Vickie Sherrif set to take up the role later this year. (I say 'created', it's more a case of 're-created' after the position was vacated in early-2012 when Stephen Doherty left to join Barclays).

This news comes barely two weeks after the firm cut around 200 head office and regional roles as it began its previously-announced cost-saving programme.

While I don't doubt the calibre of the appointment - Sheriff, after all, was previously the UK Prime Minister’s deputy official spokesperson - I can't help thinking the timing of this announcement may gall some former Diageo employees.

Diageo has clearly not been in much of a rush to fill Doherty's shoes: Unveiling his replacement so soon after cutting its head office head count, however, suggests the company may not yet have mastered the art of timing.