People do like to get offended, don't they? I mean, how many times a week do we see a “Twitter storm” or “launches petition” headline?

The rush of endorphins that accompanies feeling outraged must be addictive – especially in these always-online times, when voicing such outrage and finding like-minded offendees are both so easy. So, it was with little surprise that I learnt yesterday of a backlash against Bacardi's latest advert for its Dewar's Scotch whisky brand.

“Here we go again,” I sighed.

And then, I saw the ad.

There's no denying that Bacardi have fouled up somewhat here. The clip (which you'll be hard-pushed to find now) doesn't so much as 'flirt' with sexism; it's pretty blatant. And yet, it would appear to have been okayed by those within the company that are employed to okay such output.

Evenso, Bacardi's handling of the “Twitter storm” has been swift and decisive. The ad was pulled from Youtube late yesterday, followed shortly afterwards by the release of an apologetic statement.

The lesson from this for us all, then: A social media rumble of discontent becomes an outraged roar very quickly. Make sure, then, that your post-publication procedures work twice as fast as your pre-publication procedures.